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On This Date in Dayton's History

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On January 22, 1936, Earl Kiser was buried with a leg he had lost in an accident 31 years before. On April 19, 1861, a water spaniel by the name of Curley went off to fight in the Civil War. On April 26, 1944, with Howard Hughes as the co-pilot, Orville Wright took the controls of an airplane one last time. The first Downtown Dayton Days event was held on May 14, 1959. On May 26, 1870, spectators watched as their local baseball team, the Daytons, went down in defeat against the Cincinnati Red Stockings, with a score of 104-9. On August 27, 1833, the first history of Dayton appeared in print. As an added bonus, this account has been included in this book.
This book contains 366 stories Curt Dalton has accumulated during his nearly quarter of a century researching the history of Dayton. Read them on the date the event occurred, or all at once. Enjoy!

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