Through Flood Through Fire
Appendix - Record Deaths During 1913 Flood




     The number of actual deaths that occurred during the flood is hard to determine.  It was a difficult time, as can be imagined, which caused the delay of the recording of  deaths.  In some instances, the bodies of persons who died during the flood were either not found immediately, or not identified for a period of time.  Some deaths also occurred naturally during this time period which had nothing to do with the flood.  Others died days or weeks later due to exertions or stress that occurred from being trapped on roofs or attics without adequate clothing or food.  Some people listed as dead at first were actually found to still be living, having left the city either on business or to escape the smell and suffering the flood left behind.

     On April 15,  in answer to many inquiries that had come to his office, Dayton Coroner J. W. McKenny’s  released an official list of deaths that had occurred during the period of March 26-28, 1913.



Name                            Address                        Color     Age


Abernathy, William         50 Eaker Street             Black     35

Bayer, Charles               41 Miami Blvd.              White     19

Blackburn, Samuel P.    30 Fairground Ave.         White     28

Blitz, John                                                         White     65

Blitz, Mary                                                        White     50

Bobemeyer, William       406 N. Main St.             White     84

Bowen, Mrs. E.              S. Main St.                   White     45

Bova, Mary                    626 E. First St.              White      4

Bruell, Mrs. Bettie          523 Richard St.              White    50

Burke, Ella                    134 Linden Ave.              White    65

Chambers, David            Fairview Ave.                 White    40

Davisson, Benjamin                                            White    40

Denny, James               Winchester, KY              Black    19

Doudney, Edward           W. Second St.               White    45

Ebers, Charlotte             St. Paul & Richards       White      7

Egan, Mrs.                    Fourth & Hawthorn         White    65

Eidman, Lillian M.                                              White    36

Flynn, John                   Cincinnati, Ohio             White     28

Fulweiler, Martha           117 McDonough St.       White     62

Gunckle, Eliza               129 Sprague St.            White     60

Gunckle, Lydia              127 Sprague St.             White    50

Harkrader, V. E.                                                 White    30

Harper, Edward L. Sgt.                                       White    35

Harris, M. (infant)                                               Black      8 months

Hawks, Mary Louise       607 E. Second St.         White    20

Hawks, Lena                 607 E. Second St.         White     30

Heffling, Mrs.                 Light St.                        White    60

Helmond, Alma L.          41 Miami St.                  White    35

Hebler, Christ                                                    White     38

High, Harry                    520 Wayne Ave.            White     45

Horan, J. J.                    S. Jefferson St.              White    ..

Hunt, Emma                  918 W. Third St.            White     32

Johnson, Charles           E. Germantown St.        White     40

Kalus, Louise                                                    White     65

Knee, Olive                    1016½ E. Fifth St.          White    25

Larch, Charles E.           E. Germantown St.        White     25 days

Layton, Mary Anna         711 E. Monument          White     12 days

Layton, Anna                 711 E. Monument          White     25

Lefare, Alfred                 221 S. Ludlow                Black     38

Lemon, Edward              244 Wayne Ave.            White     60

Mansfield, Sophia          1324 W. Monument        White     40

Mason, I. F.                                                       White      4

Minaugh, Mary               1334 Germantown St.     White    65

McCafferty, Mrs.            West Third near Olive     White     45

McClintock, George       219 Franklin St.             White     37

McConnell, John            215 Franklin St.             Black     40

McFudden, Leroy           124 Sprague St.            White     10

McGee, William             Valley St.                      White    40        

Petereit, John                Valley St.                      White    55

Poock, Christian            33 Hess St.                   White    45

Porter, Flossie               Covington Pike               White    17

Porter, Goldie                Covington Pike               White    12

Porter, Harold                Covington Pike               White    12

Porter, Mrs. Ida              Covington Pike               White    39

Porter, James W.           Covington Pike               Whtie    41

Porter, Shirley               Covington Pike               White      8

Proctor, Charles                                                 White    34

Quinlan, B. F.                                                    White    40

Reed, Mary Belle           634 S. Brown St.           White    12 months

Reckett, August             1014 Chapel St.             White    60

Ridgley, Harold M.         35 Glenwood Ave.          White     57

Saettel, George             Main & Vine St.             White     65

Shunk, Mrs. Edward       Main & Vine St.             White    50

Seeger, Hazel B.           133 Miami St.                White     25

Scott, Frankie                268 Sycamore St.          Black      5

Sebets, Jane                 411 Stillwater Ave.         White     75

Shepherd, S. F.             222 N. Zeigler St.           Black    68

Snyder, George             508 Howard St.              White    70

Snyder, Virginia             508 Howard St.              White    70

Stockdale, Edward                                             White    35

Wallace, Mrs. James     105 Montgomery St.       White    38

Wallace, Raymond         McDonough St.              White     3

Washburn, Catherine      Sprague St.                   White     3

Weinsteiger, Henry        910 E. Second St.          White    55

Wells, John                   Albert St.                       White    55

Young, Mary                                                      White    55

Unknown male                                                   White    60

Unknown male                                                    White   50



            The following names are those of persons who died of exposure, heart disease, accidents, etc., during the flood:


Name                            Address                        Color     Age


Bennett, C. E.               Beckel Hotel                  White    58

Cavanaugh, James         Miami Valley Hosp.        White    50

Ford, Alexander             3 Ringgold St.                White    62

Gilbert, Richard              Miamisburg, Ohio           White    52

Hautson, George                                                Black     44

Jernanigan, Cleveland     Bell Hotel                      Black     21

Kemp, Jefferson             116 S. Perry St.             Black    75

Lane, Frank S.               Oakwood                       White   45


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