List of DHBO Supporters for 2018




It may sound like a cliché but we really couldn’t accomplish our mission without the help of our
supporters.  The cost of keeping this site open grows ever higher each year.  We are grateful that
the people listed below understand and are willing to support our efforts.  THANK YOU! 

 Founder ($100+)

Robin Bidwell
Mary Combs
David Domansky
Paul Dunkman
Shelby Fannin
Robert W. Gaines - In Memory of his wife, Harriet Elizabeth Gaines
Stephen Grismer
Bob Holliday
Michael Hughes
Roger C. Jensen
John Anthony Keyes
Edward Lewis
Jerry R. Orum
Mike Perrin
Patricia Rike

Hugh Rockoff
Dyan Thomas
The Trolley Stop
David E. Trombley

Jim Tunney
Stuart Weinberg


Benefactor ($50-$99)

Betsy Wilson House Histories
Ruth DeWitt
David E. Durham
Thomas Eastridge
James and Patricia Farrenkopf
Roger Fellers
David Flint
The Elsevier Foundation
Anne Freimark
Donna Gibson
Martha Guthrie
Kate Hagenbuch and Mark Martel
Paul Heeter
Linda Howard

Janet Jones
Donna Karanja
LeSourd Publications

Carole Medlar
Mark Morgan
David Morris
Karen Powell
Lisa Powell
Kelly Snoke
Wendy Stall
Jerry Welker


Sponsor ($25-$49)

Andrea Adgie
Kenneth Allen
Tad Becker
Jenny Blocher
James J. Brady III
Susan Burton
Susan Calhoun

Patricia B. Crawford
Deborah Cress
Linda Cseh
John Dawson
George Driskell
David E. Durham
Vallerie Edmonds
Eclectic Solutions LLC
Scott D. Gillespie
John Glass
Robert Gross
Sarah Harter
Frances Moskowitz Haas
David Hickey
Mary Holtevert-Kee
Patricia Howe
William Howe
Charles G. Jarrells
Glenn Johnson
Laura Keivel
Carol Kern
Philip Kern
Jack R. Kincade
Douglas Layer
Neal Linebaugh
Shirley A. Mitchell
Richard Nordstrom
Stephen Patrick
Jenny Paxson
Linda Pitarys
Catherine Reynolds
Philip Riley
Dianne Robinson
Maxx Schmidt
Karen J. Shook
Suzanne Smith
Jeanne R. Spencer
Tona Enterprises
Thomas A. Tunney
Samuel Warner
Wanda K. Weber
Susan Wert
James Williams
Sara A. Williams
Karen Wilson
Risa C. Wright


   Supporter (under $25)

James D. Arnold
Laura Atkinson
John Baker
Heather Blair
Jacquelyn Corron
Amy Dallaire
Dustin Dousay
Lynne Gallaher
Lauren Griffen
Janice Griffin
Stephen Hill
George Hoke
Jerry D. Jewett, Jr.
Deborah Keen
Sandra Laird
David Lauri
Connie Ward Lee
Steven Louis
Vickie Milam

Susan A. Miller
Barbara Morris
Roger Obergefell
Felecia Oxendine
Judith Papenbrock
James Pierson
William Pietrzak
Robert Pretzinger
Brian Quirk
Mariellen F. Reed
Brenda Rex
Theresa Saunders
Karen Saupe
Alisha Seigel
Anna Shackelford
Sharon J. Skaggs
Betsy Smith
Donna Smith
Dee Sommer
Deborah Speer
Paul Thomas
Thomas Traynor
Carol Wetrich
Ronald M. Wick
Charles Williams