Breweries of Dayton - A toast to brewers from the Gem City: 1810-1961
Table of Contents


Breweries of Dayton:

A toast to brewers from the Gem City: 1810-1961


by Curt Dalton

Copyright 1996

Table of Contents


Title Page and Introduction 

Chapter One: Dayton’s Pre-Prohibition Breweries

Part One - Bergmann Brewery, Bergmann & Tettman, Canal Brewery, Dayton Ale Brewery,  Hollencamp & Kramer Brewery, Hollencamp Ale Brewing Company, Dayton Breweries Company, Dayton Brewery, Dayton View Brewery, Schwind Brewing Company, Schwind Brewery Company

Part Two - Henry Ferneding & Company, J. & H. Ferneding, Ferneding and Hollencamp, Kenton Brewery, City Brewery, Gem City Brewery, Hydraulic Brewery, Braun Brewery, N. Thomas Brewery, Kossuth Brewery, Lager Beer Brewery, Ohio Brewery, Main Street Brewery, George Newcom, Robert Graham

Part Three - Oakwood Brewery, Old Brewery, Olt Brewing Company, Olt Brothers Brewing Company, Pioneer Brewing Company, Riddle Brewery, Riverside Brewery, Sachs-Prudens’ Ale Company, Sachs-Prudens’ Brewing Company, Dayton Brewing Company


Part Four - J. & M. Schiml, Oregon Brewery, Wayne Street Brewery, Third Street Ale Brewery, Pruden & Altherr, Kern & Altherr, Altherr Ale Brewery, Third Street Lager Beer Brewery, Third Street Brewery (1513 E. Third St.), Third Street Brewery (61 E. Third St.), Wehner Brewing Company, Wenz Brewery


Chapter Two: Breweries Lose the Battle of Prohibition

Part One - Breweries Fight Against Prohibition, "Down in the Licensed Saloon", Carry Nation Dayton's Guest, "Prohibition Will Not Slow Problem"

Part Two - How Beer Was Made, Prohibition Takes Effect


Chapter Three: Dayton Breweries During Prohibition

How Brewers Tried to Survive During the Lean Years


Chapter Four: Dayton Breweries After Prohibition

The Last of Dayton's Breweries - Hollenkamp Products Company, Airline Brewing Company, Ol’ Fashun Brewing Company, Dayton Brewing Corporation, Miami Valley Brewing Company, Olt Brothers’ Brewing Company, Schantz Brewing Company, White Rock Brewing Company