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Big Town
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Big Town



 With a foreword by Sherwood Anderson

 The John Day Company – New York


 Printed in the U. S. A.

For the John Day Company, Inc.

By H. Wolff, New York

 This book is for

M. M.,

B. L. and L. C.

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Philip McKee was born in the Middle West in the early Nineties. Having lived in that section of America most of his life, he is intimately familiar with the various aspects and institutions of Middle-western city life which are set forth in Big Town. He received his elementary education in the public schools of the Midlands, and was later graduated from Cornell University. He was commissioned in the army in 1917, saw several months of service with the A.E.F., and at the close of the War entered the advertising business as a copywriter. He continued in this work until 1927, when he went abroad, spending a year in France, England, Switzerland and Italy. Since his return he has been engaged in writing short stories and articles.



Foreword by Sherwood Anderson

1          Citadels of Glory   3

2          Pages From An Epic    6

3          The High Priests of Prosperity   10

4          The Houses of the Lord 17

5          The Glory Barn  22

6          Christian Fellowship   29

7          Morality Triumphant   35

8          Lib   41

9          The Noble  Experiment   46

10         Mass-Production Charity    52

11         The Educational Boom    57

12         With a Capital “S”    63

13         The Cultural Uplift   70

14         Toward Tomorrow    76