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The links below are great resources for Dayton History.  These links are not part of Dayton History Books Online and are not searchable by our search engine.  

Historic Districts:

McPherson Town District 
South Park Historic District 
St. Anne's Hill Historic District 

"Must See" Links About the Dayton Area

“Blood in the Streets.” The story of Dayton’s most violent decade.
Communication Art - This site is chock-full of historical information, including rare papers, maps and photos of Seeley's Ditch and the Miami Erie Canal.
Dayton Codebreakers - This site tells the story of hundreds of people who worked at the United States Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, a top secret project in Dayton during World War Two. These people kept their secret for over fifty years.
Dayton Police History Foundation - The site directs visitors on where and how to find out more about the history of the Dayton Police Department.
Dayton National Cemetery - A list of nearly 37,000 people buried at the VA Center from 1867 to 2000
Dayton Trolleys - A wonderful site on the long history of Dayton's rail transportation. Includes a number of great photographs.
Dayton VA Virtual Tour of the National Military Home in 1885
Inland Children's Chorus - This site is dedicated to preserving and making widely available the history and music of the Inland Children's Chorus.
Linda Tope Trent's Home Page
Montgomery County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society
The Morgan Library of Ohio Imprints - describes over 9,650 books, pamphets and broadsides printed in Ohio from 1796 through 1850, including Dayton. Also an index to the 1850 Dayton City Directory as well as others, like the Cooper Academy
Rollie Puterbaugh's Fotki Page - Mr. Puterbaugh's wonderful site includes photographs his father, Rollyn Puterbaugh Sr., took of Dayton, including the 1950 snowstorm, Parkmoor, Rikes and other very historical and beautiful shots of the Gem City.
RopeWalk - What ties together prehistoric tools, Ben Franklin, trust busting, railroads, drug laws, plastics, nanotubes and space travel? Learn about ropemaking's forgotten effects on agriculture and industry in Xenia, Ohio from the Civil War to the present - and beyond.
Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum