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Images, Maps and Videos of Dayton

 Here are a few images and videos of Dayton. Please consider sharing some of your own photographs, ads and memorabilia with us on Dayton History Books Online's Facebook page. 


  Images & Maps

Dayton in the 1950s 
Over 250 photographs of the Dayton area during its heyday in the 1950s.

Plat Map of Montgomery County, Ohio 1938 (Downloadable PDF File)
The maps of the 14 townships show property lines and owners, as well as the locations of roads, railroads, rivers, streams, schools, churches, and cemeteries.

Rollyn E. Puterbaugh Sr. Gallery
This gallery contains images of Dayton, Parkmoor and Rike's that have been created from large format negatives that Rollyn E. Puterbaugh Sr. took over his long photography career.





Charles Otterbein Adams
Charlie Adams recalls electric cars in 1920's Dayton, memories of the Barn Gang and Delco, and a lesson learned from Charles Kettering. Courtesy of www.DaytonInnovationLegacy.org

Bob Chester and His Orchestra, Mayfair Restaurant, Hotel Van Cleve 
Bob Chester, his saxophone, and his orchestra, playing Shoot the Sherbet to me Herbert for dancers at the Mayfair Restaurant of the Hotel Van Cleve in Dayton, Ohio on September 21st, 1939. Kathleen Lane sings lead vocal. Chester's group, billed "The New Sensation of the Nation," had its own radio show on CBS briefly in the fall of 1939.

Classic Theatre - A Tribute by garygadjet 
The Classic Theatre was located on West Fifth Street. Gary Smith has created a beautiful video of the theatre and is allowing DHBO to share it with its members. Please click here to watch the video and read more about Gary's tribute.

Dayton Canoe Club
The Dayton Canoe Club is one of the few still active canoe clubs in the United States. Click
here to learn more about this great organization.

Dayton Street Names
How some of the streets in Dayton got their names. Courtesy of the Montgomery County Report.

Dayton's 1930s Gangster Connections
The time John Dillinger was captured by the Dayton Police Department. Courtesy of the Montgomery County Report. 

Flying Turns Roller Coaster, Lakeside Park, 1930 
Lakeside Park was on Gettysburg Avenue, near the old Soldiers Home (now called the VA Center). Guys loved this coaster because the girls had to sit on their laps in order to fit in the car. 

Golden Sahara II
Daytonian Jim Street shows off his custom car on a June 25, 1962 broadcast of I've Got a Secret.

High Flight 
"We now conclude our broadcasting day." Historical film of High Flight. TV station WHIO used to sign off the air for the night immediately after airing this film clip in the early 1960's. Since there was a USAF SAC bomber B-52 wing based at Wright-Patterson AFB it was truly fitting during the cold war to remind us all that the Air Force never sleeps.

History of Camp Chautauqua
This is a slideshow of the history of Camp Chautauqua, formerly known as Miami Valley Chautauqua. Pictures are taken from the early 1900's to the late 1970's. Chautauqua is in Montgomery County, northeast of Carlisle.

I Saw Kitty Hawk
Interview with man who was present at the Wright Brothers' first flight.

John L. Janning
Inventor John L. Janning perfected the liquid crystal display (LCD) and invented the thermal printing wafer. A self-educated high school dropout, Janning discusses creativity and learning through experience. Courtesy of www.DaytonInnovationLegacy.org

Loews Dayton Theatre - A Tribute by garygadjet 
The Lowes Dayton Theatre was located on the west side of North Main St., across from the Victoria Theatre. Gary Smith has created a beautiful video of the theatre and is allowing DHBO to share it with its members. Please click here to watch the video and read more about Gary's tribute. 

Montgomery County's War Memorials
A tour of the many war memorials honoring those from Montgomery County who served their country. Courtesy of the Montgomery County Report.

The Old Court House
A history of the Old Court House at Third and Main. Courtesy of the Montgomery County Report.


 The Osborn Story 
History of the removal of the town of Osborn, Ohio, following the devastating 1913 Great Dayton Flood.


The Reibold Building
A short history of the Reibold Building. Courtesy of the Montgomery County Report.

Sounds of Montgomery County
This feature from Montgomery County Report looks at sounds from churches in Dayton and Montgomery County Ohio, Deeds' Carillon, and revelry and retreat at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.