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Dayton Memories > Goody's restaurant? Miller's Grove?
Goody's restaurant? Miller's Grove?
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Feb 08, 2006
5:19 PM
The Goody Goody was owned by Robert and Mary Reid who died within 8 days of each other in December 2005 in their 90s. They operated the original Goody Goody on Third Street and in 1923 constructed the one on Salem Ave. They also had one in Santa Monica, CA and another location according to their obituaries.

My sister just asked me if I had the recipe for the Butterscotch pie (it's her birthday), but I looked through my mother's recipe notebooks and did not find one. I wonder if it was ever published anywhere?

We used to stop at the Goody Goody on our way home from visiting our grandmother in Bowling Green, Ohio and it was always a treat. I also remember there was a Vernor's restaurant or soda shop near Goody Goody on Salem.
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May 04, 2006
5:13 PM
ok dont hold me to this but I BELIEVE that millers grove pool is still open or was not so long ago, there was also a drive-in beside it that the millers owned who believe it or not is part of miller welding and miller bros. excevating.
Jul 17, 2006
7:33 AM
Does anyone have the recipe for Goody-Goody's hamburger sauce? I believe it has chili sauce in it. I also remember Verners sodas that you could get next door. Does anyone have that recipe?
Aug 17, 2006
12:16 PM
I remember going to Goody Goody for lunch with my mother almost 3 days every week all thru grade school. The Boysenberry Pie was warm and yummy. If I could just have one of those hamburgers with special sauce and shoestring fries, don't forget the cherry phosphate soda. Wow those were great days.
Martha Hardcastle
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Sep 06, 2006
1:59 PM
I found a recipe on the Fairview High School classmates.com website and one from Dale Huffman's column in the Dayton Daily News.

I never ate there although we lived nearby at 1431 Tennyson Ave. We ate at Hasty Tasty and Char-Burger - wasn't there also a Parkmoor on Salem Avenue? My dad hated the "mayonnaise" (i.e. tartar sauce) at Frisch's so we never ate there as a family. But now, I buy that sauce and am never without it!

I made this once but didn't care much for it. Guess you had to be there!


From: ELMER STONE 1961 Sep 19 2003 5:06:36PM
(3) How good were Goody Goody's hamburgers? (in reply to 2)

Goody Goody Hamburger sauce
1 stick butter
3 15 oz. cans whole peeled tomatoes(cut up the tomatoes)
1 tblsp. celery seed
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 tblsp. pepper
1 tblsp salt
2 small onions, chopped fine
Optional: add a little sugar and cut the salt in half.

Add all of the ingredients together in a sauce pan and cook on low heat for about 3-4 hours. If you double the recipe, cook for 5-6 hours.
Fry hamburgers (thin) and toast or broil buns with butter on them.
Top hamburgers with sauce, sliced hamburger, dills and mayo(optional).

Hope you enjoy this recipe and the memories that go with it.

Elmer Stone


* BYLINE: Dale Huffman Dayton Daily News
* DATE: January 19, 2003
* PUBLICATION: Dayton Daily News (OH)
* PAGE: B3
* COLUMN: Dale Huffman Column

Well, I have documented one thing about the folks who make Dayton and the Miami Valley their home. They don't forget good things.

To be more exact, they remember "goody goody" things. We printed a request not too long ago from Debbie Marcum of Huber Heights, who asked if we could find out the ingredients of a special hamburger sauce used for many years at the Goody Goody restaurant that used to be on Salem Avenue near Benton Avenue in Dayton View.

Within days, we had messages from a couple dozen readers with vivid memories of the restaurant and the famous sauce.

Best of all, we got in touch with Robert "Bob" Reid, 87, who lives in Kettering with his wife, Mary, and owned and operated the Goody Goody restaurant for many years.

"The restaurant was originally on West Third Street, in the 3500 block," Reid said. "Then sometime in the early 1940s, we moved to Salem Avenue. My parents actually started it in Florida, and when they moved to the Dayton area, opened the first restaurant here in the 1930s."

The Salem Avenue restaurant was fancy, he said, a Tudor-style building with a large dining room that seated about 140.

"We were in tune with the times, so there was drive-in service with carhops, as they were called then, serving patrons in the parking lot."

Reid said he retired and sold the restaurant in the early 1970s, and later the restaurant was closed.

The Goody Goody restaurant on Salem was popular as an after-school stop for many students from Fairview High School, Reid said. "Also on weekends, many stopped there after going to dances at the Lakeside ballroom."

He added, "Many of our customers came to call the restaurant 'Goody's' for short."

Jon Randolph, who lives in Columbia Station, said he dined there with his parents in the 1950s and later with high school and college friends in the 1960s.

Pat Manning of Englewood said the restaurant was her favorite place to go for lunch while in high school. "I loved the hamburgers served on a toasted bun, but also liked the dessert called 'easy way,' which was cake, ice cream and chocolate syrup. Oh, what memories I have of Goody's. I am so glad there are others who feel the same way."

Tom Killebrew of Dayton had these thoughts: "When you touch upon the Goody Goody, you are hitting what is practically a cult among Dayton old-timers. Many thought the restaurant was the best in Dayton View and perhaps Dayton."

Many readers sent in recipes for a hamburger sauce that they believe to be the Goody Goody secret sauce.

This is the recipe offered most often:

1 No. 15 can tomatoes, crushed.

1 medium-sized onion, diced.

1 tsp. celery seed.

1/2 tsp. salt.

Cook slowly and stir often.

Some readers, like Phyllis Chenoweth of Piqua, said you can add a dash of hot sauce.

Bob Reid said that recipe sounds accurate, as he remembers it. "I didn't do the cooking," he said. "But that sounds pretty good."

Reid was asked if he has found any hamburgers in the area that measure up, in his mind, to the old Goody Goody burger with the special sauce.

"Mary and I go out, and we are still looking," he said. "Most of the hamburgers are all the same. They just don't have that Goody Goody zing."

Dale Huffman wants your suggestions and story ideas. This column is for you. Do you have a sports fan in your family who is living for the Super Bowl? Are you planning a party? Send an e-mail to Huffman at dale_huffman@coxohio.com or write to him at 45 S. Ludlow St., Dayton, OH 45402. Fax: 225-2489. Phone: 225-2272.

Copyright, 2003, Cox Ohio Publishing. All rights reserved.
Oct 09, 2006
4:24 PM
My name is John. I do a lot of relic hunting. I recently found a Round metal donut shaped (hole in center) disc. It is flat, thin, Looks like a donut, and is "1" inch big. On it it says:

SACHS - PRUDENS (in a circle around it)

Below that (in a circle) it says: PATMAN 22 84 .0. DAYTON

Do you know what this is???
Would like to hear from you!
email is gcadvisors@wideopenwest.com
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Oct 12, 2006
11:56 PM
Anyone got that Parkmoor dixie fried chicken recipe? I loved that as a kid ... I lived on Spinning Road, near Airway.
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Oct 13, 2006
9:56 AM
I feel left out. I lived less than a mile south of the Goody Goody and never went there.
I remember when it burned down back in the 70's, I believe.
Nov 10, 2006
6:30 PM
I lived at the corner of Tennyson Av and Earlham Drive and went to Gretchen LLoyd's dance school when it was in her home on Tennyson. Wendy Lloyd and I were friends. What happened to them?
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Dec 08, 2006
9:13 AM
Thanks for the hamburger sauce recipes.

Has anyone found a recipe for the delicious Goody Goody onion soup? (Or one that's similar?)

These posts bring back a lot of fond memories. I, too, loved the hamburgers and onion soup, followed by a visit to Vernors for a vanilla Vernors (back when Vernors was aged 7 years in wood). And if I could stop at the Fort McKinley library for an hour or so on my way home, my day was complete!
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Feb 19, 2007
6:02 AM
Does anybody know the Parkmoor chick recipe? The crust was a taste that has stuck with me since I was a kid. My sister and I loved that place and were heartbroken when it closed.
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Mar 09, 2007
1:25 PM
I remember the Parkmoor on Salem. The chicken was delicious way back when. I'm sorry I do not have the recipe, but your request brought back a memory to me. I remember my mother trying to duplicate the recipe for the coating. It was the most disgusting coating ever put on a piece of chicken. My mother is 76 yrs now and we still laugh about it to this day.
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Mar 18, 2007
10:20 AM
I have never tasted anything like the Parkmoor recipe. A restaurant with another name ... Hail and Heary??? ... carried it on until it finally closed in the 80s.

Is it me, or has Cassano's Pizza changed a lot since the 70s?
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Mar 18, 2007
12:33 PM
I don't know if the Cassanos pizza has changed from the 70's but I do know it's salty. My daughter, who lives close to St. Louis, always gets one when she visits.
Anyone remember Mom Donesis(SP) pizza on Salem just north of Good Sam? Wasn't she the mother or sister of Vic Cassano?
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Mar 28, 2007
11:49 AM
As Dick, I went to the Tampa Goody Goody and always had the Butterscotch Pie instead of cake for my birthday. My birthday is next week and will be lost with out my birthday pie. I will email dick, but hope I also could get the Butterscotch Pie recipe to see if it's the same as the Tampa Goody Goody pie. I'm also going to try the sauce which sounds like the one served at the Tampa resturant. Enjoyed reading about the Dayton Goody Goody, sounds a lot like the Tampa one.
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Apr 06, 2007
2:04 PM
I don't remember Mom Donesi's Restaaurant. I do remember London Bobby's, which I think Cassano's owned at some point. I may be wrong on that.

Does anyone out there know if any restaurant is using the Parkmoor chicken recipe?
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Apr 11, 2007
9:32 AM
Does anyone remember a restaurant in north Dayton called The Boar's Head?

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Apr 11, 2007
9:40 PM
Jeff, I was a waiter at the Boar's Head from 1978-1980. It was near the old Salem Mall off of Salem Avenue. They served very good roast beef, and had the usual restaurant fare, all of it high quality, from my memory. It closed around 1981. It was demolished and an Applebee's was built on the old site. Now the Applebee's is closed and sitting empty. I imagine it will have the same fate as the old Salem Mall...demolition.
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May 25, 2007
6:46 PM

Does anyone have the Goody Goody butterscotch pie recipe? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. They also had great shakes and sodas. I'm sorry that I never tried the onion soup.
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Jun 27, 2007
11:47 PM
Does anyone have any information about
Clearwater Falls in Miami County?
Dont know when it opened but my friend
as pictures of him there in the late 60's.
It was not far from Millers Grove off Frederick Road.
I know it is a private home now.
And soon I hope to visit the home which still
has pictures and the pool is still there.
But if anyone can remember anything about this pool
please let me know. If you live the area ask a old
friend if they remember it. Memories keep us alive.

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Jul 22, 2007
11:36 AM
I live in Vandalia now, but when I was a little girl back in the 80's we lived in Dayton and we went to Clearwater Falls swimming pool and Miller's Grove. I may have been about 6 or 7 years old at that time and I am amazed now what I can remember about those swimming pools.
I the other day wanted to go to Miller's Grove to swim and had not been there since I was little, but as I drove into the entrance to the pool I noticed no water in the pool and no one there. The pool at Miller's Grove is closed now I am assuming unless they plan on re-opening it next year, but I highly doubt it. The pool seems so different now. They took all of the diving boards out. I remember learning how to do a backflip there. The big huge diving board at the deep end is gone as well. There is a slide in it's place now. Just so sad how the pool has gone downhill. Weeds are growing everywhere inside the pool now. My Mom was telling me she went there when she was a little girl as well. They used to have a drive-in theater she said. I really hope someone can save that swimming pool.
As far as Clearwater Falls I don't remember as much about that pool as I do Miller's Grove. I drove by there as well and now it is someone's home. I think they turned the old swimming pool into a pond. From what I can tell there is still old writing on the building where you would enter the pool at which they tried to remove I think, but you can still see how there is a person diving into water and it says in faint lettering Clearwater Falls. I remember the big slide they used to have there and the diving pool. The diving pool looked so scary to me because you could not see the bottom of the pool at all. According to my Mom they just left it as cement and never painted the bottom of the pool. Now that I think about it I would think that would be dangerous! For some reason I remember older people when I went there would be laying out in this what looked like big pit, or something that skateboarders would use. My mom would not let us over in that area so I really don't know for sure what that was.
I would love to see how the people who own that area now have done to it. I know the building which is their house now used to be where you would go in and pay and get dressed in the changing rooms. I am so saddened by how many swimming pools are closing now. Another pool that I used to go to for most of my life was Phillip's Aquatic Club down on Leo St. in Dayton. They have already demolished the inside of it and soon they are planning on demolishing Jack's drive-in. Where can we go swimming anymore? I mean gosh Clearwater Falls is gone, then NCR, now Miller's Grove and Phillip's Aquatic Club.
My family and I go to Cassel Hills in Vandalia and also there is Fair Valley, but I have never been there.
Where have all the swimming pools gone?
If anyone has any information on where you can get pictures of Miller's Grove, or Clearwater Falls I would greatly appreciate it.

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Aug 24, 2007
2:25 PM
I have both recipes! The Goody's Hamburger Sauce takes 1 large can of tomatoes, 1 medium onion finely chopped, 1 teaspoon of celery seed, and 1/2 teaspoon of hot sauce. Combine all ingredients and simmer until you get a sauce or paste.

Goody's Onion Soup
1 Bermuda Onion, chopped finely
3 Tablespoons of Butter, divided
2 1/2 Tablespoons cornstarch
1 Cup whole milk
1 13 3/4 oz can chicken broth

Croutons and Grated Parmesan Cheese

Saute onion in 1 1/2 Tablespoons of Butter until transparent. Set aside. In another pan make a white sauce by melting remaining butter. Stir in cornstarch with a wire whisk and add milk. Continue stirring and cooking until sauce thickens. Add chicken broth and onions. Serve plain or with homemade croutons and parmesan cheese.
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Sep 19, 2007
1:29 PM
Millers Grove Pool

I grew up about 1/2 mile north of Millers Grove Pool. I swam there almost every summer day when I was kid. I'm 43 now.

We use to sneak into the Drive In nest to the pool at night and watch the movies, and when I was in High School took dates there.

My cousin married Jeff Miller. Who is a good friend of mine. Last month we had a family reunion at Millers Grove. I live in NC and it has probally been 20 years since I was there last.

The pool is closed, it does not sound like it is likely to re-open. It would be very expsnsive. Jeff Miller has a BBQ stand at Miller Grove open on the weekends. Great BBQ

Brought back some great memories, visiting MillersGrove
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Nov 18, 2007
10:09 AM
Yes, I would love to have some photos of the Goody Goody restaurant. If there is anyway you could email them to me today that would be even better. My mom turns 83 today and I would love to give them to her since Goody Goody was such a fond childhood memory.
Thank you.
Mike C
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Dec 24, 2007
10:09 AM
I loved going to Miller's Grove. The water was so cold even in the hottest part of the Summer. The slide seemed like it was 50 feet in the air. I liked the multi layers of the deck area where you could lay out and sun yourself. I do remember the little snack bar across from teh pool. It was so neat to get the candybars that were cold to eat in the hot Summer weather. I remember playing in the little stream/creek that would run out from the pool into their picnic area. There was crawdads and assorted other things to catch in it. That was where I met my first true "girlfriend". She was 16 and I was 13. I told her I was older. She found out I wasn't 16 and dumped me shortly after the Summer months. She went to Julienne HS and her name was Joy. I won't tell her last name because I'm sure someone here knows her. I thought she was beautiful. She broke my tender young heart at that time. So now some say I have no heart. LOL
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Feb 08, 2008
9:28 AM
I recently put a little email together with images and descriptions of old local TV programs,(including a few televised from Cincinnati such as Uncle Al, The Paul Dixon Show, Ruth Lyon's/Bob Braun's 50-50 Club), old local night clubs, restaurants, etc.
I included Parkmoor Restaurant(the one I went to was on Airway Road in Dayton, I believe)and I remember going there as a kid - ordering from the car via microphone/speakers was so cool!

I still remember their jingle on the commercials:

"Parkmoor has what no one else has got!
Parkmoor has Dixie-fried chicken, that's what!
Dixie-fried to make it tender,
Dixie-fried to a golden brown!
Parkmoor has what no one else has got!
Parkmoor has Dixie-fried chicken, that's what!"

Now I want that chicken batter recipe, too!

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Mar 24, 2008
9:31 PM
I was born in 1942. Went to Clearwater swimming pool until I went to high shcool.
It was the most fun. they had rubber intertubes and the water was really cold.
I also remember Goody's - the hamburgers and the milk shakes were really good.
My husband always liked the Parkmore chicken. I really liked the double burgers.
I'd love te surprise him with the Parkmore chicken recipe.
Hope someone remembers it.
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Jun 08, 2008
8:06 PM
I grew up in the 60's/70's in Huber Heights and would love to find out the ingredients for a Cassanos Pizza King pizza or Marions Pizza. I remember the crust was paper thin, lots of sausage and onions but was the cheese on top or bottom? And sauce? I really want to make a pizza like this for my mom of 87 years...we remember the good old days.
Thanks to anyone that can help.
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Aug 10, 2008
6:33 AM
does anyone have the recipe from goody goody restaurant for the dessert called ez way or pie the ez way?
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Aug 25, 2008
3:11 PM
I just came across this Web Site today and it is unbelievable hearing all of the old stories, places and memories of Dayton. I was traveling from Michigan (visiting) to my current home in TN and decided to look at the old neighborhood. I am like many of you - Dayton has really changed and gone down hill but it was a GREAT place to grow up. I went to Van Cleve Elementary and we had Sock Hops in the Gym, Roller- Skating parties and would go to the Red Barn afterwards. We would always stop and buy candy at the store on the corner of Trumbull and Main. Those were some good times!

Last Edited by on Aug 25, 2008 3:14 PM
Jim R
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Oct 17, 2008
5:05 PM
I also remember the Parkmoor Restaurants all over Dayton. I remember several locations in the Dayton area. The one my family frequented the most was on the corner of Stroop Rd and South Dixie. Our family lived in West Carrollton. I also remember the Airway Road location.

If you can recall the "Hail and Hearty" restaurants that existed on Woodman Drive (near the corner of Woodman and E.Dorothy Lane) and on Dayton-Xenia Road in Beavercreek, those restaurants in the late 1980's to early 1990's were owned by a friend I have not seen in a very long time. His name is Phil Neibert. He did acquire the rights to the Parkmoor Chicken recipe from Parkmoor ownership when Parkmoor closed down. Phil used the same recipe for his Hail and Hearty restaurants.

I believe Phil sells insurance now. If you find him let me know. I sure miss the Dixie Fried Chicken. If you look up Phil tell him Hello for me. I believe he still lives in Kettering.
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Oct 23, 2008
3:00 PM
I have a bet with some former Daytonians who don't believe Goody's served a Frosted Vernor's. I realize there was a Vernor's operation nearby, but that's not what I'm talking about. If anyone remembers that drink being served there, would you please help me try to bring these expatriates back to what was?
Goody's burger w/their sauce, as well as the burger w/mayo, were the VERY best burgers of all time. BL
Oh...and Donese's pizza...sliced in squares...mmmm.
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Nov 03, 2008
11:29 AM
There was a Goody Goody Drive In restaurant in Santa Monica, CA when I was a kid (1950s). They had outstanding cream of onion soup, butterscotch pie and pecan pie. (I think that the pecan pie was just the butterscotch pie with pecans added.) I would LOVE to have recipes for these items and have been looking occasionally for years. I just discovered your website last night and copied down the recipe for onion soup. Thank you. I can hardly wait to try it as I can still taste it after 50+ years. If anybody out there has a recipe for the butterscotch or pecan pies, please post it or, if you don't want to post it, I could contact you directly by e-mail or phone...... Or I can send an armored car to pick it up! Help me. It's pathetic.... But I really do think of these pies at least once a month. They were grossly sweet and rich and delicious and had a darker color than other pecan pies.

Just to share a story: My brother and I and a friend packed into the Sierra Nevada mountains for two weeks with two burros. We hiked 20+ miles a day and climbed Mt. Whitney. We had very little in the way of desserts during this time and we talked about our favorites and what we'd have once we got back to civilization. Number one was Goody Goody pecan pie. We did not allow ourselves any sweets until we drove about 400 miles to Santa Monica and bought a whole pecan pie which we ate (pretty much with our fingers as I recall) on the way down to San Diego. It did not disappoint. We were sugar recharged!

How did a couple in Dayton end up with a drive-in restaurant in Santa Monica?

Repeat. Help me. I NEED this pie!
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Nov 22, 2008
7:03 PM
Goody Goody Butterscotch pie facsimile: Betty Crocker cookbook....butterscotch cream pie recipe. My mom made pies for a downtown drug store/lunch counter. That was where they got their recipe, and when we went to the Goody Goody, I believe it was the same one. I can't swear to it, but it is possible. I hope this helps some taste buds at least a little. Hint: Never test pudding/filling and re-use spoon...this is so true and many families feel it doesn't matter...the saliva that is left on the spoon...even if cleaned will make he pudding/filling loose. It's something scientific...can't explain...I hope you like the pie, it is a good one. Let me know.
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Dec 12, 2008
5:27 PM
Burger Chef had 12 cent hamburgers when they first opened. I used to work at the Dixie Drive-In and the North Star Drive-In, both on N. Dixie Dr. in the mid-60s.
There was a Golden Point that had 12 or 15 cent hamburgers in those days also. Didn't care much for Miller's Grove as the water was so cold, but went to the pool near Leo/Stanley/Keowee area. Can't remember the name. They had a Jack's Restaurant there.
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Dec 13, 2008
5:31 AM
The pool on Leo was called Phillips Aquatic Club.
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Dec 30, 2008
11:00 AM
The closest to Parkmoor chicken I have found is at Melody Restaurant in New Carlisle. A bunch of us used to skip church and go to the Parkmoor on Linden for breakfast on Sundays after Sunday School. The preacher's son went with us too. He was the one who would cover for all of us. When asked where the whole youth group went to, he would tell his dad we just got into a heavy discussion and lost track of time. We were so bad!
There is still a Hasty Tasty. They're on Linden just before you get to Eastown.
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Jan 02, 2009
3:07 PM
I think the Golden Lamb, on Rt. 48 in Lebanon, with family-style, all-you-can-eat dining was a wonderful place to go. Their skillet-fried buttermilk chicken was just as crispy & tasty as Parkmoor's. The GL is the oldest hotel in Ohio.
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Jan 07, 2009
7:15 AM
Hi there everyone. I have a question if any one would know the answer. My great grandmother, grandmother and mother are all from Dayton Ohio and they used to LOVE Goody Goody. I found the hamburger sauce recipe but they are dying to have the coconut cream pie recipe as well. Does anyone out there know where I can find it or if they have it? I would greatly appreciate it and thanks for your help! :-)
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Jan 10, 2009
2:40 PM
In the early 50's I used to go to Goody's with my granmother Rae. They knew her so well that as soon as we sat down they brought her a cup of coffee and me a hamburger. We never had to order. When we moved to California in 1954 there was a Goody's in Beverly Hills. Looking back I'm sure there was no connection but when I was seven I was sure that Dayton was the center of the universe and it followed that Beverly Hills would also want a Goody's. And yes, reading the posts I too remember the coconut cream pie.
F16 1UB
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Feb 05, 2009
7:27 PM
Wow! We used live in Huber south and I'd ride my bike to Stroop & Dixie to get 5 pc box of chicken for $1.25. I loved their chicken and even their slaw. Have not had anything like either one since they went out of business. And Melody in New Carlisle can't compare.
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Feb 09, 2009
2:47 PM
My uncle was a manager at Goody's, so we were there quite often. We loved the skinny french fries with the special mayo sauce. When I was expecting, my mother would take me to the appts in Dayton so we would have a reason to stop at Goodys. On my 8th month checkup I was told I would deliver that night.
Yes, we still had to stop on the way home so Mom could have her special lunch. HA!
Question: Does anyone have the recipe for the Mayo?
I would really, really appreciate having it.
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Mar 23, 2009
12:04 AM
I'm looking for a recipe they used at Flint's on thoses great hamburgers...My Mom and I would go there and watch Phil and then I had school in the 7th grade in the afternoon. We lived at the corner of Montague and Leawood in Huber Height. Where the pool was built. I graduated in 73
Cindy Seay Price
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Apr 05, 2009
10:05 PM
I worked as a carhop at Goody's in 1964-1966.
Howard was my boss and the cooks were so nice.
My uniform was a blue skirt with a red stripe and a white blouse, white tennis shoes.I made 50 cents an hour plus tips. I also got a free meal and of course it was a hamburger with special sauce and mayo and shoe string fries and french onion soup with toasted croutons and parmesan cheese and a hot fudge ez-way or butterscotch pie.The cooks made every thing from scratch and Howard told me the hot fudge was imported from Germany.The customers were very friendly and they were regulars. The cooks would sneak me out some orange dinner rolls or a piece of pie right after they made them.Some body needs to get all those recipes and open up a place.Those are good memories.
phil pixley
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Apr 19, 2009
3:56 PM
To bevy,Iam sure I know you .I went to Fairview & was avery regular customer.Keep the memories alive!!ppixley@verizon.net
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Apr 30, 2009
10:31 AM
I was by Miller's Grove Swimming Pool last week. It doesn't appear to be open as someone suggested. However, it's not yet Memorial Day. Re Phillips Acquatic Club in Dayton, I have heard that it was owned at one time by the parents of Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt (a graduate of Fairview H.S.).
167 posts
May 01, 2009
8:57 AM
Doug - You are correct. Mike Schmidt's parents did own Phillips Aquatic Club. Last time I was by there, the place was a used tire business.
Northridge Kid
1 post
Oct 20, 2009
5:28 AM
Do any of you remember the Giffords Resturant at the corner of N.Dixie Dr. & Sherer Ave in Northridge. Five Coneys or five Hamburgers for a dollar.It was owened by Charlie and May Gifford. It's a Air Condition place now.Or how about the Char Burger that is now called George's.
Northridge Kid
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Oct 20, 2009
5:36 AM
How about the Past time Bowling Alley on North Dixie at Keenan Ave. Or the Golden Point on the other corner.Pink Poodle across from Wick's Hardware.The Musick's from Northridge the one Musick always had Hot Rods and Dragsters.
Northridge Kid
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Oct 20, 2009
6:04 PM
Hunt 69 ... I went and did all the same places you did lol. That sure was a good time back then. Wish I knew how to get the Recipe for those Swanky Frank's at Phillips Drive In on Leo Street.

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