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Village Inn
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Mike C
33 posts
Oct 20, 2008
12:45 PM
I was wondering does anyone know the story of the pizza store in Kettering from years ago called "The Village Inn?" It was there on Far Hills and was always really busy. Now it's gone and I think a Chipolte's is there now. I was wondering why it closed down. You could never hardly get in there to eat on a weekend or a lot of the evenings.
158 posts
Oct 20, 2008
2:55 PM
Wasn't there a Village Inn somewhere around Salem Ave or Siebenthaler, too? I think I remember going there after hockey games at Hara.
117 posts
Oct 20, 2008
3:10 PM
Jeff - There was a Village Inn on Siebenthaler next to the Forvm and close to Bowlero Lanes.
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Oct 21, 2008
7:15 AM
I loved the Village Inn on Siebenthaler. They had movies and entertaiment. I didn't try pizza until I was 12 years old and that was the first place I had it. I couldn't believe how good it was. It was all I wanted to eat for a month after that, fresh or frozen.
161 posts
Oct 21, 2008
3:04 PM
I thought the pizza there was great, too. I wonder why it shut down.
122 posts
Oct 29, 2008
10:00 AM
I have no idea why it shut down but the last time I was by there, the building was still standing and was some kind of church.
5 posts
Feb 27, 2009
7:55 AM
It was called The Kettering Village Inn. They would answer the phone: KVI.
12 posts
Dec 17, 2009
10:36 PM
Wasn't the Village Inn on Siebenthaler previously a Shakey's Pizza? Village Inn had GREAT veggie subs.

Kettering Village Inn is still missed at our house. Discovered them while living in Kettering in the mid-'80s. They had amazingly good pizza there and it was priced lower than anyone else's around. Not sure that I've found a better pizza since : C }
174 posts
Dec 18, 2009
5:14 AM
There was a Village Inn on Wilmington Pike about 1/2-1 mile South of Dorthy Lane on the West side. I remember they always had a huge stuffed giraffe inside and a fire place in the middle of the place. We used to have Greater Dayton Corvette Club get togethers there (67-72).

There was also (I believe) a Shakeys Pizza place on Wilmington Pike just South of the Country Kitchen at Wilmington & Dorthy Lane drive-in restaurant.
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280 posts
Dec 18, 2009
7:13 AM
Sgot - If the Village Inn on Siebenthaler was a Shakeys at one time, It was before I moved to Dayton in 1972. I only remember the Village Inn at that location.
13 posts
Dec 18, 2009
9:17 AM
driver62: The vague memory that I have of VI maybe being a Shakey's comes from a couple trips there in the late '60s. There was a banjo player in there, with the Shakey's "roaring twenties" attire. Could've been coincidental.
322 posts
Dec 20, 2009
12:04 AM
Sgot was on the money with the Village Inn on Siebenthaler being a "Shakeys". Went with a guy from Fairview (oooh, this is Cindi, btw) who lived in the one of the homes in the 4600 block of Siebenthaler. I think "Shakeys" name had something to do with the shake roof on the place.
I used to love to sneak there from Vandalia and hang with the Dayton kids.
~Missed you guys ! Cindi
Matt C T
1 post
Dec 24, 2009
3:36 PM
I used to eat with my family at Kettering Village Inn. There was a woman who had been employed there somewhere around 40 years who retired when she was in her 80's. She was the backbone of KVI and when she retired is when the owners decided to close shop. There was an article in the Dayton Daily News (or maybe the KO Times) documenting as such when the announcement of the closing was made.
5 posts
Jan 07, 2010
10:27 PM
Yes, the one Siebenthaler was called both the Village Inn and Shakeys, one of them may have been a chain. Pictures of pop, family place, a rag-time band, and movies. Great place, not connected with the one on the south side. became a sub-house, now a Church
19 posts
Jan 27, 2013
6:49 PM
Fellow named jake and his wife owned Kvi.great place to eat.He put in a bar in the waining years.I worked at shell in 1960 and eat their alot. I heard jake is still alive and lives in kettering.Ibelieve it was the cook that died and he chose to retire.
112 posts
Jan 27, 2013
10:56 PM
KVI had a fire shortly before they closed and they lost months and months of income while the place was being rebuilt. I think this may have contributed to their closing.

I lived across the street for a year or so and we ate there often -- being so close, it was impossible not to eat there at least once a week, and sometimes more.

We enjoyed their other Italian dinners that came with the best fresh bread and huge salads that could have been meals by themselves.

I remember the restrooms were in the basement and when you went down there, they had huge pots of tomato sauce simmering on a huge stove in the kitchen.
joey m
33 posts
Jan 28, 2013
10:58 AM
luv my dayton
214 posts
Jan 30, 2013
9:01 PM
The place where Village Inn used to be is now a Oink A Doodle Moo and previously was Chipotle. The football stadium was just a few blocks up and we'd all head there after a game.
76 posts
Feb 14, 2013
11:25 AM
Was getting my taxes done yesterday and was told Jake shoemaker lived next door with his second wife and still plays golf twice a week.He has told people that numerous buffets that opened around kettering hurt his business.
454 posts
Feb 15, 2013
6:33 AM
Someone mentioned that the Village Inn on Siebenthaler was once a Shakey's. That must have been a long time ago as I moved to Dayton in 1972 and only remember it being the Village Inn. The only Shakey's I knew was way out on Far Hills, probably close to where I-675 is. Ithink it was around where Talegators is now located. It may be he same building.
3 posts
Feb 09, 2014
1:51 AM
Kettering Village Inn was owned/operated by my dad, until he and Eva (the most amazing woman and cook ever!) decided to retire in the 90's. All of the restaurants did hurt business, but after working so many hours for so many years, he deserved a retirement that he could enjoy. He loved playing golf, and had a great life until he passed away this past April.
Also the bar had always been in the restaurant, and the kitchen fire that they had was back in the 80's, but didn't keep them down for very long at all :)
227 posts
Feb 09, 2014
4:11 PM
ISBAIR-I was next store getting my taxes the day after your dad passed.We had just discussed their weekly golf rituals. I worked at the Shell station and ate about every meal there for a while probably too many.Hellen knew every one by name.
129 posts
Feb 09, 2014
5:10 PM
There was a Shakey's in the shopping center parking lot of Shopper's Fair on Salem close to Siebenthaler. The Shopper's Fair was several things through the years. Now, I think it is a Bingo Hall. Next door to Shopper's Fair was A&P. The Shakey's has been gone many years.
6 posts
Feb 11, 2014
10:15 PM
Olds88, yes, my nana knew everyone's name, and my dad was just the opposite :) He remembered everyone's faces, but not their names!
517 posts
Feb 12, 2014
7:32 AM
Nile - The Shakey's you mentioned was long gone when I moved to the Salem Avenue area in 1972. I do remember Shopper's Fair and the A&P.
1 post
May 04, 2014
3:41 PM
Isbair, I worked at Kettering Village Inn in the late 70's. I certainly remember working alongside Eva who was great. She loved the Cinn. Reds. I ran into Jakes wife Maggie just this weekend and she told me that Jake had passed last year. Maggie was just as I remembered her from over 30 years ago. I remember Helen and Charlie quite well too. Helen was a pistol and I liked her a lot.
144 posts
May 04, 2014
4:08 PM
driver.... The Shakey's Pizza Parlor was on the north side of the parking lot facing south, and not in the same strip as the Shopper's Fair and A&P.
12 posts
Jun 07, 2014
9:09 PM
redfestiva, I still miss Eva tremendously, too, along with my dad and my grandmother. My nana was definitely a pistol! I loved poor old Charlie....he put up with a lot of stuff :)
If you worked there in the late 70's you probably knew my older sisters and brother then, too.
2 posts
Aug 14, 2014
5:35 PM
Isbair, I remember seeing Jakes kids but his son was off to college as I remember and one of his daughters worked at KVI briefly , perhaps just to help in peak business times. I cant remember the daughters name but I bet it would come back to me if I heard it.I was working there when Jake married Maggie.
15 posts
Feb 23, 2015
8:44 AM
I don't recall the Village Inn on Siebenthaler, ever being a Shakey's Pizza. Although, they had the same type of setting. I remember fondly as a child in the late 60's early 70'3 going there with my family, sitting by the fireplace and listening to live banjo music and eating pizza
juanita letner
1 post
Feb 28, 2015
9:56 PM
My territory... After Icelandia skating Joann & I went there one time. It was very dark inside. I can't remember if we ate there or not. We did'nt eat out when I grew up. Behind Salem Drive-in,Kiplinger,Siebenthaler.
blue J
156 posts
Mar 11, 2015
12:39 PM

I'm curious, do you remember what years you spent at Icelandia?

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