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Dayton Hungarian Districts - West Side
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Dec 31, 2008
4:16 PM
My great grandfather owned Kender's Nite Club on West Third Street. I have quite a few pictures of that era since my father passed away a few years ago. Its amazing how much that area has changed over the years. Someone sent me a picture of an "Hungarian Wedding on Dakota Street" --- and to my surprise - my great grandfather, great grandmother and several of their children were in that photo. I'm sure one of them had to be my Grandfather.

Kender's is about the only building left in the area of Paul Laurence Dunbar (Summit Street) and Broadway in that area. Holy Name Church and grade school are the places that my brother and I went to school - and did my father. I have pictures of him when he was an alterboy - and when my great grandfather was a founding member of the church.
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Jan 02, 2009
5:40 AM
I remember Kender's from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s because that’s when I worked at the icehouse which was located directly across Third Street from Kender’s. That icehouse was torn down a long time ago, and I believe that it’s now just a vacant lot.
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Jan 02, 2009
7:17 AM
Fran: Did your Grandpa ever mention a guy named Tuffy? Maybe it was our Dads who were friends. My Dad and one of them were friends. (would be about 80 or so now) Here are some names: Cottingin,Shaffner,Gross. Just a couple, maybe your Dad knew them. My husband was acquainted with your Dad. We have photos from weddings that one may have been in. You can click on our name and email us if you like. Dave just talked to him in the past few years. ~cindi

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Peggy Gilbert
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Jan 08, 2009
6:28 PM
To Dan-O
Just curious, was that City Ice? What years did you
work there?
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Jan 09, 2009
6:14 AM

Yes, it was City Ice. As I recall, I worked there my senior year in high school (Chaminade 1970), all through college (UD 1970-73), and even my first year or two in law school (Northwestern University). The place was run by Lou Lafferty, whose son Dan (nicknamed Wiley) also worked there and ended up owning Wiley’s Comedy Club.
hungarian mike
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Nov 29, 2009
1:50 PM
Hi Fran -
I knew your dad, Steve - I interviewed him for the history of the bar back in 1993 - when he let me and my dad in the building - I have some of the pictures relating to the bar business - and was wondering if you might have any pictures of any of the neighboring businesses such as of the Hungarian Village.

I am the one who has written a history of the Hungarians in Dayton and hoping to get a book published in the near future.

I appreciated your dad and the stories he told of the bar - quite a place from 1926 to 1986 - I hope to hear from you!

Mike Sakal
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 578-3066
hungarian mike
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Nov 29, 2009
1:52 PM
Hey Dan-O - By chance, would you have any pictures of the City Ice House?

It is an empty lot - as is most of the 1200 block of west Third Street - pretty sure Kender's bar building is about the only one still standing ...
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Jun 08, 2011
3:20 PM
Wondering if the history of the Hungarians in Dayton book has been written. My great-grandparents and grandparents were Hungarians living in Dayton in the late 1800's through mid-1900's. Interesting history within the family that someone may wish to include.
luv my dayton
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Sep 11, 2012
12:05 PM
As a child I think there was a hungarian eatery out on third street. I remember going with grandparents after church to a Hungarian Village and seemed as though we'd just be seated about the time a train went roaring by which us kids loved as it made the inside of restaurant rattle.Am I remembering right?
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Dec 25, 2012
5:41 PM
I used to attend the Hungarian E & R Church and we had a church hall at the corner of Dakota & Conover St.. Right next door was a bar called Illises(Sp?}, which was owned by a Hungarian. Up the street was a Hungarian grocery called Luckacs. A relative had the Luckacs Tavern on Western Ave, if my memory is right.
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Dec 26, 2012
1:34 PM
Hi Fran, I lived over the Hungarian Village in the 50's with my brother, we use to hang out with Paul and Johnny Kender. I remember the rocker at Kender's where Grandpa Kender would sit, there was newspaper around it and a spittoon for Grandpa. Johnny and I would go out with Grandpa and collect golf tee's and such. I remember Johnny has a shoe shine kit for working in the bar. We have many memories of our time there. The west side was our playground!
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Apr 09, 2015
6:29 PM
I have pictures of the Gypsy Hut (corner of Dakota and Conover) and the Hungarian Village painted by John Wolslagel a local noted Hungarian painter. It would be great fun if we could all get together and share stories and pictures of growing up on the west side and in the Old North Dayton Kossuth Colony.
Riverdale Ghost
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Apr 10, 2015
6:51 AM

I'm very interested in the Gypsy Hut. My dad's cousin, John Virag owned the thing at least at one time. (I've lost all trace of those relatives.)

Please check my profile here and contact me via my website there to get my email address. Thanks!
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Apr 11, 2015
11:24 AM
I grew up eating the Chicken Paprikash that was made at the Hungarian Village.My mother worked there in the late 30's and learned from someone there.I still make it the same way she did.
For a while in the early 70's I worked at Lamanchey's on old 35 in Beavercreek and Frank's recipe couldn't compare to the original!
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Apr 12, 2015
6:45 AM
It sounds too good. Is it available in any restaurant?
luv my dayton
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Apr 12, 2015
7:13 AM
Love chicken paprikash also and still make it for my family. got the recipe from a friend of mine years ago. Would imagine there are variations to the recipe due to ones origin.

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