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John H. Patterson- Co-op?
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Jul 05, 2012
5:28 AM
I was in the class of 1968...anyone else on here, that went there ? It is gone now...demolished.. as is Drexel Elementary School ...along with every house I lived in, in Drexel. When I lived in Drexel there were still good families living there...it is almost all gone now! They are wiping my past away...What was the name of that Steven King's movie.. The Dopplegangers or something...I can't remember...where they gobbled up the past. I worked at Frigidare in Moraine City..then Delco Air...then it became Harrison ....now all gone ! The schools..the home and now the work places...all gone !
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Jul 05, 2012
7:37 AM
there are still a few places left that are nice. for one the college streets area west of salem avenue. and another oakwood.
Riverdale Ghost
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Jul 05, 2012
9:44 AM
I understand perfectly, Bowfoot. Sometimes you look at such matters and then think something like, "Is it possible to feel more insignificant?" because everything that you relate to is gone. Might even think, "Why am I still here?"

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Jul 05, 2012
11:01 AM
Riverdale Ghost...you are a spreader of wisdom and a deep thinker !..It is an honor !
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Jul 05, 2012
11:11 AM
I have heard it said that we are to take a lesson from the auto builder...from the windshield and the rear view mirror..also the driver seat...it faces forward and the windshield is huge in comparison to the rear view mirror...it's about 10+ to 1 or more so we are to look to the future 10 times more than we are to look back into the past. My life is different...I'm in reverse...I look to the past10 times more than I look and plan for the future...How about you all ?
maxed out
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Jul 05, 2012
1:28 PM
Bowfoot, I graduated from Xenia High School in 67. I really didn't give it much though about the past but now that Facebook and the internet came to be I love reliving my past.
BUT" I have a wonderful wife ,daughter, and 2 wonderful grandkids that I wouldn't trade for the world... I guess I am living in the past, present, and future.
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Jul 05, 2012
6:26 PM
Patterson '73 here. Two generations of NCR employees before me, 37 and 41 years respectively.

I've been living in Cinti since '78. I get back up every so often - had a granddaughter at UD for two years - so I try to look around and recall how things were.

A lot of the distinctiveness of Dayton is rapidly fading and it begins to look like all of the other strip-mall, fast food wastelands in the US.

My wife says we still talk differently, though :-)
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Jul 05, 2012
8:24 PM
I'm class of 69. The one thing about FB, is we can stay in touch. Right now, we have 41 on our page, and we're planning a reunion in August. We would not have been able to without FB. Just because they torn down our beautiful and historical school does not mean we can't still have the memories.
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Jul 06, 2012
4:41 AM
NCR..Our graduation ceremony was in the NCR Auditorium ...was yours ? I was in drafting and then changed to Distributive Ed...I have some fond memories of some of the girls from the 1969 class...I dated a young lady by the name of Connie Manear...the vise principles daughter, at the time! I wonder what ever happened to here ?
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Jul 06, 2012
2:17 PM
Yes, I graduated at the NCR auditorium. We were the second of the four year classes, I believe, so I entered Patterson the fall a year after you graduated. I was in Electrical.

My sister graduated in the Class of '65 and mom was in the class of '40, I think.

smurfana, is that a general FB page for Patterson or just for your class? I've been looking for one, but with so many different spellings of the school I haven't yet found anything that looks like a good match (I've tried J. H. Patterson, John H. Patterson, etc.)

If its a general page would you post it here or send it to me?

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Jul 07, 2012
5:30 AM
oldmdirt...I also have a sister who graduated in 1965...Ask your sister if she remembers Diana Carter ?
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Jul 08, 2012
5:00 AM
Connie's married and still living in Dayton. I'll probably see her at our reunion.

There's quite a few Patterson FB pages. Ours is listed as Patterson Class of 1969. There is an alumni FB page: Patterson Alumni Association. We're trying to get one started, that will represent all phases of Parker, Patterson, and Ponitz.
20 posts
Jul 08, 2012
5:05 AM
smurfnana...If you see her...tell her that a guy she dated named Larry said "HEY" and that I'd really like to talk to her ! Just for old time sake !
26 posts
Jul 08, 2012
8:14 AM
Thanks smurfnana!

Bowfoot, my sister didn't recognize the name so she checked the yearbook. She said that based on the course of studies they probably didn't cross paths much. Her name is Nancy Kier.
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Jul 08, 2012
9:09 AM
My sister was in the medical department or division or whatever they called it....??? :-) She married a creep...I mean ...a guy form Co-op named Pat Binn or Bhinn ?
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Aug 03, 2013
5:01 AM
Also Class of '73 here. Siblings graduated in '58, '61, and '64. So disappointed the building has been replaced by 'green space'. We graduated at the NCR Auditorium, which is also gone. I now understand my Mother's dismay as she reminisces about places and events that now only reside in her mind. Places and events that defined and molded me into the person I am. I always believed PCHS students were the elite group. What an honor to be chosen to attend.
luv my dayton
348 posts
Aug 03, 2013
7:27 AM
Dayton has gone by the wayside of cities like Detroit, pittsburg chicago and other cities whos industry has been shut down and sent out of the country while no longer abiding our own immigration laws. Unless we can provide meaningful jobs with decent pay we should start limiting the numbers coming in or we will be changing the slogan 'land of the free to land of the poor and destitute. To make matters worse there are few industries that allow for pride and achievement in the lives of those who live here. It also has helped to create blight and crime.

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16 posts
Aug 03, 2013
10:36 AM
Class of 1967,automotive division. Worked at Rubicon Cadillac, then Frank Z Chevrolet both are gone.

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250 posts
Aug 03, 2013
5:29 PM
Class of 66 medical arts
My elementary school- Residence Park- was demolished and new school built. My first high school- Roth- was demolished and rebuilt. Then Patterson was demolished. Worked at EF MacDonald on Ludlow - gone. Then Carlson Marking Group in the Rikes building- gone. National City Mortgage turned into PNC. The houses I lived in as a child and teen are still there, although it hurts a lot to go by and remember how things used to be. But life is change and growth, whether you want to or not.
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Sep 16, 2014
8:59 PM
Class of 1980, Medical Arts. Loved my school, broke my heart to hear that it had been demolished and to later see the time lapse YouTube video of the event.
luv my dayton
716 posts
Sep 17, 2014
6:54 AM
I have wonderful memories of my high school days at Fairmont where I graduated in 1961 and have also seen many places done away with. Very sad but that's what progress does to towns around the country. The past decades or so has created a different mind set as what was once considered a family unit that has a father and mother as the cornerstone can now be anything and everything which has had a negative effect on children. They don't seem to have the hopes and dreams we had for ourselves and seem to hate the concept of school and are dropping out by the tens of thousands around the country. Sleeping late and video games has replaced learning. No building memories taking place in this. We may be the last generation who seems to covet what once was, and still with age on us hold many things dear and have almost total recall. Spent the week end going through the pictures on this website and looked at every decade. The 50s was particularly wonderful and also brought some sadness. A very different world today.
joey m
246 posts
Sep 17, 2014
9:24 AM
LMD This isn't about Patterson Co-Op but I see you went to FHS. I graduated from Chaminade in 61 and knew a loy of people from FHS. Danny Robinson, Tony Trent, Bob Logan, the Ready twins,Bo Foreman, Cal Withrow and almost all the golf team from 1957 to 1962. Any of these names sound familar?
blue J
135 posts
Sep 17, 2014
11:41 AM
I'll keep going along with the thread hijacking, hahaha, and talk about Fairmont as well. I am a generation younger than you both, LMD and joey- but my parents, aunt, uncle, and quite a few cousins, who are your generation, all graduated from Fairmont (as did my sister and I). My uncle was class of '59, I have a second cousin who was class of '61; my father and my aunt were class of '63, and my mother in '65.

I remember going to my orientation at Fairmont in 1988, and my mother saying that the whole campus was virtually unchanged at that time since she had started going there more than 25 years earlier. I cannot say the same about it now; four years after I graduated from there, virtually everything was redone to bring the whole campus under one roof.

The times they are a changin', indeed...that always rings true.
Larry Stacy
8 posts
Oct 28, 2014
12:24 PM
Anybody on here graduate from Patterson 1983 ? If so do you know anyone who spent their 4th and 5th grades at Emerson on Hickory st?

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