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Disco 2 on WLW-D
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Aug 04, 2012
7:19 AM
Does anyone remember the WLW-D Dayton show called "Disco 2"? It was a local dance program taped in the channel 2 studio. In the summer they had a local dance and swim show taped at the pool next door to the station. That program was called "Swim and Swing". I was on the Disco 2 program in the mid sixties with some of my friend from Stebbins High school. I wonder if there is a tape out there of this program, or if any one else was on this and relate some info that I may have forgotten. Thank you!
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Aug 04, 2012
3:45 PM
I remember watching "Disco 2".If my memory is correct the pool was at the motel next door to the station on South Dixie Dr.I can't remember if it was the Red Horse Motel or the other one.There were two motels right there in that area for many years.

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Mar 05, 2015
7:32 AM
does anybody have a tape of the show I was on it February the 7-,1967 from Stebbins high school let me know at ray fultz@ gmail.com

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Mar 05, 2015
8:48 AM
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