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The Dayton Arcade
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Aug 13, 2012
8:45 PM
Ding, I LOVED the Normandy Hat Shop! I still have the card (somewhere in one of my "momento boxes")that I was trying to fill up so I could get a free hat. Every time you bought one, they would punch the card. After 10 punches, you got a free hat. I think I had 4 or 5 punches to go. I think they closed in the mid 1970s?.
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Aug 16, 2012
10:24 AM
I have memories at the Arcade of Frisch's, Dayton Camera Shop, and Nobles Record Room.
luv my dayton
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Aug 21, 2012
10:20 AM
Venture to say finding a key player to join the ranks is going to be hard to come by. Dayton is no longer a peaceful enviornment. Things changed drastically over the years. Think many cities around the nation have experienced the same demise.
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Dec 19, 2013
8:09 AM
Anybody remember the popcorn lady in the Arcade? You could smell the popcorn cooking all through the building.

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Dec 19, 2013
9:14 AM
The arcade was a must for all the people on this site.It was the center of all downtown and full of life.The sights and smells could not be found anywhere else.Regardless of how the building is repurposed it will never havethe same draw.No body protected the place even after. the people paid back taxes.They treated it like all the other vacant buildings in town.
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Dec 21, 2013
2:26 PM
remember shoe store well.It was in the third street entrance which was like a mall and then the alley separated the main building fom the mall retail.
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Dec 25, 2013
4:39 AM
Why can't they tear down everything connected to the main part of the Arcade for free parking and make a mini mall in the balance of the ARCADE??
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Dec 25, 2013
4:44 PM
Let's all chip in and buy it for Curt to put in a giant book store with a stage in the center stage for burgeoning Dayton talent with a tearoom/coffee/cappuccino/reading room.
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Dec 26, 2013
11:08 AM
Nile - Great idea,other than a Walmart super store I believe your idea is probably the only hope for the grand old part of our lives.Our generation is getting smaller and so is any hope we can bring back the things of our past.
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Dec 28, 2013
2:10 PM
Even though I have some good memories of the Arcade I just wish that something were done with it one way or another. Its sad to see it just go to waste. It would be nice if it were to be redone, but if it were to be torn down there could be something nice built in its place. You know not all buildings downtown can be saved or else we wouldnt ever have built anything new since the time that Dayton was founded. If anything NEW could be put their, just make sure that it has the same kind of draw of people much like 5/3rd field has. Give people a reason to come back downtown once again.
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Dec 31, 2013
10:38 AM
I worked at Dunhill's, 4th and Ludlow, during my high school days ('57-'61). Saturday morning's, prior to start of work-day, I would meet many of my fellow workers at the restaurant the formed an "L" around the shoe-store on the NE corner of 4th & Ludlow (entrances from both Ludlow and 4th St.).

Often, before breakfast at that restaurant, I would go to the same shoe-shine "parlor" mentioned by "JoeyM" (I believe we are talking about the same shop - I also remember the shoe-shine man you spoke of).

When it was break-time from work, I would run across to the arcade for Spanish peanuts and a chocolate malt from the shops in the arcade. Some lunches were at the counter in the arcade, others at the same restaurant aforementioned.

Then again, I sometimes ventured up to Elders, SW corner of Main and 4th St., where there was another food counter. I seem to remember a petite waitress at Elder's counter, named, possibly, "Josette", or something like that.

Wow - seems like an eternity ago.
joey m
163 posts
Dec 31, 2013
10:54 AM
JJCofMAINE I'm sure we have met, I used to hang downtown after I got out of school at Chaminade and Dunhills was one of the stores I would stop in. I mentioned it before I usually bought my stuff from Ted.
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Dec 31, 2013
11:25 AM
JoeyM, yes, I remember the conversation in this blog.

That was Ted Lynch. He was a dapper dresser, for sure. And, he was truly a "lady's man".

There were two other CHS '61 grads that worked there during my tenure; one worked in the receiving/stocking area, down in the basement (can't remember his name). The other fellow's name escapes me, also; he joined the first-floor sales staff in probably his Jr. year.

The guy that worked in the stock room knew that there was a "secret" stairway from the common-hallway, basement of the building, into Keith Theater. That stairs came right up to the men's restroom, which was fairly secluded. So, one night after the store closed, we found our way up the stairs, over to the concession booth for pop corn, then into the theater to watch the show. How daring of us.

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David C
19 posts
Feb 16, 2015
11:27 AM
rtb51 re Dec 19, 2013 post. WOW! Your post about popcorn smell through the Arcade brought back a rush of memories. The smells, the shops and stores and vendors. Taking the electric bus into downtown with Mom. Nobody was a stranger to Mom, so our trips were filled with meeting and talking with people. I am remembering vegetable and meat vendors as well. Am I correct? Circa 1960.
luv my dayton
868 posts
Feb 16, 2015
7:29 PM
David if you go to the images and video selection it will bring up all the photos of the decades. The very first choice at top of PAGE is the arcade photos as it was in 1969. My sister was pictured strolling through on her lunch hour. Never went downtown without going through the place. Used to buy the red candy Apple's

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