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Mckinley Industrial school
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luv my dayton
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Sep 11, 2012
11:14 AM
Believe I have this correctly, but back in the 50's I went to an Elvis concert and met a 'sharp guy who was going to keep in touch with me and went to Mckinley. When I told my Dad this he said I was not ever allowed to date or talk to boys from this school. Anybody remember this school and what the negative would have been? Can't believe I would be curious about this after so many years.
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Sep 11, 2012
3:25 PM
The only thing I could find is that it was called "McKinley Occupational School" on Haynes Street between Highland and Pritz. The street doesn't extend that far east now, taken by Rt. 35. It was listed in my 1955 Dayton Telephone Directory but was not listed in my 1960 Dayton City Directory. Myself, I don't remember it.
-As an edit, I spoke to my older brother and he said that his recollection of the school was it was a school for troubled teens. This would explain your fathers reaction.

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Dec 04, 2012
5:56 AM
I lived in the neighborhood near McKinley School and can confirm that it was a secondary school (high school) for male students that were headed for failure in their regular neighborhood high schools. I'd assume that they were unmotivated to study and were discipline problems. My mother sometimes rode the trolley bus with them at the end of the school day and complained about how ill-behaved they were. Kids in the neighborhood loved the outdoor basketball court on the west side of the building. A huge fire in the early morning hours during the late fifties destroyed the building. I don't remember if a cause for the fire was found, but arson might have been involved. For weeks afterwards police stopped and questioned any young people out on the streets in the early morning. I was stopped while walking to St. Mary Church in the pre-dawn to serve as altar boy at 5:45 a.m. Mass.

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Dec 04, 2012
1:34 PM
I know I'm much older than anyone who posts here, but I attended McKinley School before it became a boys industrial school. I lived on the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Hulbert Street in 1936 and started the first grade at Ruskin School on McClure Street. That was quite a walk two round trips a day as we came home for lunch. For some reason, I was switched to McKinley School in the second grade. There were two different grades in one classroom and just one teacher teaching both grades. I used to love walking to that school as I passed Bowers Greenhouse on Haynes Street. I would occasionally stop in there and look at the beautiful flowers. We couldn't afford to buy any. What I remember most about that school is they had a player piano in the lobby and the kids would line up in their class groups outside on the playground and march into school as one of the older students played the piano. That seemed to put us into a good mood for the morning. Aftr I got married and had children of my own, I do remember the school burning down as friends of ours lived a few blocks away on Xenia Avenue. When I told them that I had attended that school as a child, they were amazed because they had only remembered it as a boys industrial school. I don't know when it changed from a regular elementary school. Does anyone know?

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Dec 05, 2012
4:16 AM
rdebross, I also went to St Mary's and was an alter boy. I beleive there was a Tom Debross in my class. Any relation? I went there from around 1956-1962
luv my dayton
187 posts
Dec 05, 2012
7:11 AM
syxpack enjoyed your story and think I'm not far behind in age. Nice memories of your neck of the woods. I remember how that area was and then what went missing when the highway took it over.Chopped everything as remember heading to Grandmas we'd go down Highland and get to Findlay street easily.Also Dads station was at the point of Huffman and Linden. Think we may be some of the last who still recall what things used to be like in the east end.
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Dec 05, 2012
12:22 PM
@jfox68 Yes, Tom DeBrosse is my younger brother. Richard DeBrosse
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Dec 05, 2012
3:39 PM
luv my dayton: do you recall the name of the laundry that was on the corner of Richard and maybe Parrot Street. I think it may have been called The Globe Laundry. Us kids would stop in there most mornings on our way to McKinley School, as they had a huge scale right inside the big doors that were usually open during good weather. My cousin who lived next door to Freys Bar on Burkhardt would walk over to my house on the corner of Hulbert and Hamilton and then I would walk back to his house and stay for a couple of days. Nobody ever seemed concerned if we made the trips between our houses or not. Nobody had a phone to check. I guess they just assumed we were safe because it was a different time and age. BTW, I'm 83.
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Jan 04, 2013
4:26 PM
I was 5 years old when McKinley School burned. But AI do remember the fire. It later became Highland Park after the school was torn down. I also remember Bower's Green House. And I remember when the Globe Laundry building burned in 61' or 62'. I lived on Parrot, just south of Richard St.
32 posts
Jan 04, 2013
6:26 PM
Billd1952 - Thanks for the confirmation of the laundry's name. I wasn't aware that it burned down also. Did they then move Highland Park up to Wyoming Street when Rt. 35 came through?
17 posts
Jan 06, 2013
7:54 AM
Syxpack, yes they did.
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Jan 06, 2013
11:20 AM
Billd1952 Thanks
luv my dayton
202 posts
Jan 08, 2013
6:57 AM
Since Xenia ave. has been mentioned would like to say that my grandson worked a few years back at the Twin Towers grocery store and his grandfather picked him up in the evenings. Was at the thrift store one day and saw this huge picture with three steadfast businesses pictured in a portrait of the Towers, Top Shelf thrift store and the Webster st. farm market.Had to have it and its hanging in the spare bedroom. Over the years have gone many times to all of them. Went to a dentist who was located across the street from a church and many times would be sitting in his chair and get to hear them play the church bells. His office was above what used to be a movie theatre. Also attended on occasion Otterbeine EUB church.Think it is used now by Target of Dayton and helps the homeless. Grandson has volunteered there many times..
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Jan 09, 2013
2:17 PM
dhoertt - Both my brother Charles and I (Richard DeBrosse) carried the DDN out of Mrs. Cummings' garage on Haynes St. and St. Joseph Ave. I'm sure we knew each other as kids.

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18 posts
Jan 10, 2013
2:56 PM
dhoertt - Yep, I remember a "hurt" (love how we assume a name is spelled when we're kids) family that lived across from the orphanage grounds on St, Joseph Ave. about a block south of Wyoming St. in a yellow brick Cape Cod style house. I'm betting you are one of two brothers a couple of years older than me. One brother had dark hair and one had light hair. I'm thinking from your sign-in handle that you are Denny Hoertt. Right?
12 posts
Jan 11, 2013
1:40 PM
Yes I am.
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Jan 13, 2013
7:43 AM
Dhoertt-Enjoyed your post about the Dayton police run in after the McKinley school fire. You got some harsh treatment man, I don't remember if investigators really determined it was arson, but the police sure acted like it. It was one hellava fire. Nothing like the destruction Rt 35 brought to our old neighborhood though. The excessively wide path planners gave the freeway itself was bad enough and then they demolished acres of nearby housing for some demented planner's dream of a crosstown connector (now Steve Whalen Blvd.). They took our house on Xenia Ave. for a high speed exit towards Walnut Hills. I recently saw on Google Earth that they tore the exit ramp down and our lot is now a fenced in grassy area.
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Apr 13, 2013
8:15 PM
Talking about St. Joseph--we lived for about 4 years in the little stucco one-story on St. Joe, back in the 50s. It's the house that looks very out of place on the street. My dad built the garage in the back, and my handprints should still be in the cement inside the door. The last time I went by there the garage was still standing. I still remember how excited we'd get over the St. Joseph's Orphanage picnic! I still have a stuffed doll my mom won at bingo there.
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Apr 14, 2013
4:53 PM
CeKay - remember your old house very well. I was in it once or twice because a kid lived there who was in the same Cub Scout troop as my friend Rusty Hill. I'd tag along to a few scout activities and Rusty's folks sometimes picked up the boy who lived in the adobe house. Also look around the postings for one on the Orphans' Picnic.
luv my dayton
585 posts
May 31, 2014
10:10 AM
This is reference to Ms.Cummings you talked about. She had left the area for some years and returned and met her at the church I was attending. Very special woman but I have lost track of her and have no idea if she would still be living. God puts special people in our lives who touch us and she was one of them.
jim of huffman av.
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Feb 13, 2015
8:52 AM
I also remember dear old Mc.Kinley trade school. Went there in 1952. Does any one recall Ms. Mae Jennings English teacher or Ken Groff science teacher. Some of my friends were Ted Blades Vinny Bader and Jim Ogden. I would guess few of these folks are still around , 63yrs.is long past.
528 posts
Feb 13, 2015
11:50 AM
jim of Huffman av.
Welcome to Dayton History. I think luv my Dayton lives near you.She is a prominent member of Dayton History.

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