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Dayton Memories > the old brown street nightclubs
the old brown street nightclubs
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Jul 22, 2009
7:02 PM
i remember back in the 70's that there were tons of bars all up and down brown st. i don't think there's ANY left that still have their original names... was the one always called timothy's? i went to many back in the early to mid 70's but can only pull a few of the names out of the haze; the shedd, the moonlight, alexanders, and off the main drag back on jasper st. houses made into bars, the mares head, and a couple more on the same block, whose names escape me. can anyone out there please jog my memory on those or any others from those days of the old UD bar district?.... i've been told that before my time, that 'strip' extended all the way up brown to 5th st. before 35 cut through. in the current residential section, on brown just south of 5th, i remember 3 or so, the southern belle (since moved downtown on patterson blvd.), fred and sylvia's, and another one. anyone remember.. is there a thread here that documents what was in the OLD (sleazy) 5th street bar zone? funny, i don't remember it being called oregon, at least until they decided to clean up and gentrify... one more last one; was it walnut hills that was where tanks is now? then moved downtown to second st. in the early 80's? then to brown and wyoming till just a few years ago, now it's the cornerstone?

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Jul 23, 2009
3:19 AM
The Pic Nic was in a cellar 1 street to the west of Brown there was a bar on Stewart street across from NCR. It is now called Flannigan's, before that it was Kirk's Casbah and it might have been just the Casbah in the seventies. The Oregon area was known as the Burns-Jackson district in the 60's and 70's. Walnut hill's did start out in the building Tank's is in now.
I dont believe there are any bars in the Brown street area accept for Flannigan's certainly the strip that included the Shed and the Moonlight along Brown has been cleaned up and sanitized. The cause of that would be the close of the NCR factory in the seventies and the loss of those 20000 thirsty souls 3 times a day, seven days a week and the raising of the drinking age to 21 in Ohio, which sobered up the UD student population,their sobriety such as it is.
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Jul 23, 2009
4:40 AM
Was there a club called The Station on Brown Street where the Lovers played. That group was so talented and the female singer was excellent.
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Jul 23, 2009
6:30 AM
If you remember where Ray Bryant Chevy was, Timothy's was on the same side of the street, a few blocks South. I went there a lot from about 68 through 71 and on certain nights (Wed?) they had some kind of specials - $X to get in and free beer??? Don't remember.
Going toward downtown from Ray Bryant, down past Arby's and the bowling alley was the Shed. I was in there occasionally.
My main hangouts were the Diamond Club and the Lions Den out on Wilmington.

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Aug 05, 2009
1:29 PM
There was a place on Brown near Stewart called Dottie's. At lunch time every regular, each an NCR worker, had his spot and as they came in the door, the spot was already set with a beer, a shot and whatever they always ate. The trick was to be able to eat and get half loaded in 30 minutes....
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Aug 14, 2009
2:09 PM
wow 1976-78 we use to go down to :The Echo: it was the best live music bar in town , I remember the bands were so good , I remember two bands there alot ( son a va , and Flywheel) Flywheel sounded like YES or Kansas , monday nites were drink and drown nite , $3 and all the beer you could drink , yes it was that old 3.2 beer but after 20 cups you felt it haha,. it was up the street from a second hand record store , wow loved that place , does anyone know when the echo closed?
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Aug 23, 2009
12:14 AM
I was fortunate enough to live next door to the shed. 1124 Brown street if memory serves correctly. I used to sneak over and order a pizza from the back door kitchen area. iI was like 11 years old at the time. I can remember a sausage pizza was $1.85 at the time and it was the best pizza I ever tasted. the place was owned by a man and wife in their late 20s early 30s drove a VW beetle. the wife was blonde and very cute. I had a secret schoolboy crush on her for almost a year...lol
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Jun 06, 2010
4:59 PM
"The Shed" is now called "The Fieldhouse".
I believe "The Echo" was once "The Brown Derby".
"Timothy's" is still there on Brown towards Oakwood, next to it used to be a Skyline Chili.
On Brown St. from the corner of Fairgrounds Ave. was, in order, Second Time Around, Jug & Doe's gameroom,(later to become Jupiter Sportscenter gameroom), The Submarine House, and The Wine Cellar, owned by Dennis Stewart who also later owned The Walnut Hills Bar on Wayne (now Tank's). Now, Second time Around expanded into the gameroom, then The Sub House, and UDesigns Hair Salon.
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Jun 08, 2010
12:04 PM
This place wasn't on Brown Street, but was definitely a great hangout when I went to UD. THE BOOKSTORE! Anybody else remember it?
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Jun 08, 2010
6:48 PM
There was a bar night club just off of Brown St at Warren and Green St called the Tiki Club which later became The John
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Apr 25, 2011
6:29 PM
Union Depot! Alexanders, Mares Head, Picnic, Dotties!
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Apr 25, 2011
9:00 PM
Loved the Shed!!!!!
Cliff B
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Sep 15, 2014
7:50 AM
I worked the door at Dottie's along with Bill Sage in 1974 Dottie's Son Joe and I were good friends. if I wasn't in Dottie's you could find me in the Moonlight.
I lived in the UD ghetto I kept my Ford stationwagon parked beside Dottie's and rode my motorbike most of the time. but it was usually chained to the light pole in front of Dottie's Brown st. was a great place to hang out back then.
I have some Great memories from then
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Sep 15, 2014
11:16 AM
Someone mentioned above the bands Sonofa (SIC) and Flyweil. They are the same band as far as I know. Flyweil later moved out to the West Coast and opened for Peter Frampton at one time. You can see Flyweil on YOUTUBE and they are really good!
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Feb 21, 2015
8:01 PM
OK, five years later, but Fran: My dad owned The Bookstore. Glad you enjoyed it! (I was just a kid, but I remember tagging along with him a few times, when he'd go in to do office work before the bar opened, and playing the pinball machines, the little bowling machine and the jukebox.)
joey m
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Feb 23, 2015
8:22 AM
Wolfcreek I think I knew your dad. Did he go by Sparky.
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Feb 23, 2015
9:41 AM
He sure did, Joey.
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Mar 29, 2015
11:47 AM
When did the BOokstore close? I lived above the New Moon Saloon for awhile. It was on Brown st. next to the bowling alley and across from Red Barn.

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