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Dayton Memories > Who were your favorite news anchors/reporters?
Who were your favorite news anchors/reporters?
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9 posts
Sep 08, 2009
11:51 AM
Through the years Dayton has had a lot of TV new anchors and reporters. I wonder who your favorites were? My disclaimer - I was one at Newscenter 7, so my opinions are admittedly biased.

I was an Ed Hamlin fan back in the 60s, but I worked with Don Wayne in the late 80s until his retirement. He was as grand a gentleman as he was a respected news anchor. I never heard the man raise his voice or speak in a demeaning way to anyone. He was a professional's professional in a hectic newsroom. And as friendly as anyone I've ever known.

Jim Baldridge and Cheryl McHenry are as friendly as they appear on camera. Very playful and enjoyable to work with. Jim could break into a paper wad fight in the newsroom with the best of them. Cheryl could imitate people in the news to make us laugh.

Jim Bucher at TV2 is a favorite of mine and never let the competitiveness of being at a different station stop him from being a friend to others.

Sylvia Newsome was fun and would crack up laughing easily on the air if she botched a name or word. Trevor Pettiford was a truly nice guy.

Dewey Hopper of TV2 was my favorite weather guy through the years.

How about others here?
90 posts
Sep 08, 2009
12:01 PM
didn't phil donahue start in dayton?
39 posts
Sep 08, 2009
2:39 PM
Thank goodness for Gil Whitney and channel 7 with their coverage of the tornado heading towards Xenia. That probably saved some lives. I'd have to say Don Wayne and Jim Baldridge were my favorites. Wasn't there a weather man that went on to work at the Weather Channel?
214 posts
Sep 08, 2009
2:42 PM
newsnot: Yes, I am not sure but I think he was on Channel 2. I still remember him when he was young with dark hair. he was pretty much just a little local nobody in those days. i am wanting to say he done the sports but I am not positive.

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17 posts
Sep 27, 2009
6:23 PM
Anybody remember Von Crabill? Channel 2 it seems. I used to cut his grass.
241 posts
Sep 27, 2009
9:27 PM
tew... i remember von crabill. forgot all about him until now.
8 posts
Sep 28, 2009
9:40 AM
how about bruce asbury & connie lockwood?
Steve K
138 posts
Sep 28, 2009
3:46 PM
Lyle Stieg... Ed Hart....
18 posts
Sep 28, 2009
7:20 PM
Riv Rat, You're showing your age like me! Those were innocent times though weren't they?. Like Uncle Rico said in Napolean Dynamite----"Don't you wish sometimes you could go back?"
246 posts
Sep 28, 2009
9:17 PM
What years were Tracie Savage in Dayton? I remember her in the Friday the 13th movie.
hungarian mike
12 posts
Jan 11, 2010
5:55 PM
Hey -
If she sees this, she'd likely get a kick out of it - But Kathy Hart, the wonderful reporter who worked for WDTN (Channel 2)for several years and now for WKEF Channel 22 was the best. Great reporter, great delivery - gained the experience. She truly was the Julia Roberts among the ladies of television news reporting!
8 posts
Aug 31, 2012
8:43 PM
Don Wayne was the best of them all. He was at WHIO for about 30 yrs. He would always tell a corny joke at the end of the news cast.ex. "A farmer is a man, outstanding in his field".
90 posts
Sep 06, 2012
7:25 AM
Sylvia left because she had waited and waited for Don Wayne to retire. She wanted to take his place alongside Jim Baldridge. I think she would have had she stayed. She finally gave up waiting and left to go into real estate. The Steve Tatone rumor was bunk. I worked with Sylvia at the time. She certainly never had a baby. The rumor was like the one that the actor who played Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver died in Vietnam. Urban myth.
62 posts
Sep 06, 2012
9:30 AM
Maybe not as much myth as you think, at least part of it anyway.
maxed out
369 posts
Sep 06, 2012
10:21 AM
Calhoun...Not that I really know Bigmo other than here, from his past posts I believe he has worked and knew many of the local Dayton celebrities... Maybe someday I can twist his arm to tell me who he is... LOL, Just a thought.
63 posts
Sep 06, 2012
11:20 AM
Not doubting him or who he claims to be, but there are others of us here who are friends/have worked with people also in the know when it comes to local news/history/politics.
92 posts
Sep 06, 2012
12:16 PM
I'm not saying there weren't some "unusual" stories to be told. But the rumor of her having a baby was while she was still working at Ch. 7, not after she left. Affair? That I don't truly know.
93 posts
Sep 06, 2012
12:24 PM
How about something completely different: Cheryl McHenry has virtually perfect recall of dates and times and what occurred on those dates. I believe she's a savant in that area of memory. If I was working on a story that I needed to go back and look up a video from a particular news story, I'd ask Cheryl for the date.
Me: "When did that man get attacked by those pit bulls while he was at a hooker's house?"
Without even hesitating, Cheryl: "That was April 8, 1987. Look for the b-roll in the 6 and 11 o'clock newscasts. By the way, that was Dr. William Eckman and Joetta Darmstadter."

I'd just shake my head and laugh.

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64 posts
Sep 06, 2012
3:37 PM
Cheryl McHenry and I worked the Friday night/Saturday morning "graveyard" shift at adjoining dorms' front desks at UC back in the mid 70s. We'd call one and another to stay awake after the drunks finally settled down for the night. Even then it was obvious she had a bright future.
65 posts
Sep 07, 2012
10:37 AM
If you mean Cheryl, then the answer is "no". I haven't spoken to her since either 1978 or 79. If her memory is as good as you mentioned previously, she might remember me however.
luv my dayton
139 posts
Sep 12, 2012
6:35 AM
Don't remember the name of the newscaster who ended up voluntarily leaving one of the news stations. Seems he had a drug addiction and was found out. Nice enough guy and lived behind my parents in Kettering. Wonder what ever happened to the guy?
383 posts
Sep 12, 2012
7:09 AM
luv my dayton... Would you be thinking of Bruce Asbury? He had a cocaine problem.
luv my dayton
140 posts
Sep 13, 2012
9:28 AM
That name rings a bell Hunt. Seems he was a private person and we never heard any rowdy party or loud music. Kept his home in nice condition. Hope the man ended up getting detoxed and is now living a more stable life.It definitely was a shock to all the people who knew him in the neighborhood.
26 posts
Jan 22, 2013
3:43 PM
Ed Hamlin, Von Crable, and John Lindsey were the favorites in my early days.

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42 posts
Jan 23, 2013
7:27 AM
How about Julie Chen who went on to much bigger things, such as her marriage to a very prominent CBS person and host of Big Brother and the daily The Talk. I have a recording of her reporting on the Samantha Richie murder. I think that was in 1994.
8 posts
May 11, 2013
9:06 AM
Don Wayne and Gil Whitney on WHIO TV.
450 posts
Jul 24, 2013
1:13 PM
I always liked Omar Williams. I was in town a few years back when he died. Read about it in the DDN. He was a great sports reporter.
3 posts
Oct 10, 2013
12:22 PM
We lived a few doors down from Tom Frawley- I don't remember what channel he was on, it would have been in the 1960's.
234 posts
Oct 10, 2013
3:40 PM
How about Channel 7 sports director Tom Hamlin? He was perhaps the worst basketball play-by-play guy I ever heard. I know he did the UD games on TV, can't recall if he did them on WHIO radio as well.

In the early 70s, Channel 7 subscribed to a nationally syndicated "computer picks" feature for college and NFL football games. The segment ran on the 6pm sports on Friday nights. In hindsight it was pretty hokie, but I never missed it. The computer was right a little over half the time, poor old Tom picked winners at best at about a 30% clip

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367 posts
Oct 11, 2013
7:43 AM
Jack Atherton came up from Cincinnati. How is he doing in Dayton?
68 posts
Oct 11, 2013
9:17 AM
I agree about Don Wayne. That was back in the days that the newscaster (talking head) was "respected" and "authoritative". He was our local version of Walter Cronkite.
For good or ill, you believed what he was telling you when he was doing the news.
He could read a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and you would wait to see how they came out.
471 posts
Oct 29, 2013
9:22 PM
Are any of those guys who worked in the 60s and 70s still around?
243 posts
Oct 29, 2013
10:21 PM
WHIO sports director Tom Hamlin was still with us late last year.Since I haven't read of his passing, I assume he's still among the living.
156 posts
Oct 30, 2013
2:34 PM
I dont know all the details but i remember Cris Berman of espn fame had a brother here in dayton (wdtn) i believe his name was Len.He went on to NBC NETWORK.Someone might remember more than i do.
12 posts
Nov 04, 2013
8:39 AM
Bigmo, you said you were at channel 7. Did you know Rick Smith? Deceased now but a great guy. When I first came to Dayton, I roomed across the hall from him. Great fun guy and in the early 70's he was also producing some great R&B shows into the Dayton Convention Center. I got a lot of front row seats to some big acts. Just wonder if you new Rick, a fantastic talent and individual........
248 posts
Nov 04, 2013
10:30 AM
Art Brown played a newscaster in "Magnum Force". Don't remember if he played himself or not. Seems I remember Bob Braun from WLWT fame appearing in a movie playing a newsman as well.

I travelled a great deal for work from 1981-2012. It amazed me how many times I saw TV news (including sports/weather) people move around the country. I always figured you could tell if they were on their way up or down as a function of the TV market size they moved to/from.
9 posts
Mar 27, 2014
1:17 PM
Don Wayne? I surely do remember him because I liked his presentation...on TV. Another of you reminded me that he cracked a joke at the end of his newscast. I remember one long joke about ... porpoises. Don had a hard time keeping a straight face while telling it. Yes, I laughed a good one, too. When the B-26 crashed in east Dayton, I saw Don in person, stringing barrier tape as a member of BOX 21, at the scene.
17 posts
Mar 27, 2014
8:47 PM
Yes, Phil Donohue started in Dayton. In 1971 I was dating a Dayton girl whose aunt lived next door to him, in Kettering it seems. We were at her home a couple times and met Phil Donohue and he was a decent guy while out in the yard talking.
184 posts
Mar 28, 2014
7:43 AM
Don Wayne, Ed Hamlin, Alan Herbert, Von Crabell, Phil Donohue, as well as many City and County officials, were "Honorary Members" of BOX 21.
9 posts
Apr 17, 2014
1:00 PM
How bout Ted Ryan. "high atop the Shell weather tower". WHIO tv in the early 50s, I think
1 post
Jun 30, 2014
1:00 PM
Dan Patrick of ESPN Fame used to be Dan Pugh from WTUE (104.7 FM). Dan also did a brief stint on one of the local new channels (maybe WDTN) before moving onto the big time.
3 posts
Jul 12, 2014
5:31 PM
I think it was don wayne then sports gotta be omar and weather had to be gil
99 posts
Sep 25, 2014
12:02 PM
Lou Emm did man on the street? I don't remember him doing that. Jack Wymer of WING did man on the street at noon every weekday for probably 30 years or more.
1 post
Sep 29, 2014
12:47 PM
Found your website when looking for the date of the Dr, the pit bulls and the hooker event. I worked at the animal shelter then, so got to know the dogs well, and Wilbur Rutledge was in often to see them, but I couldn't remember the year that happened.

I do remember moving to Dayton from NW Ohio in 1984 and recall one of the older, distinguished male newscasters pronouncing Montgomery County as McGom'ry County. I could see my former teachers wincing as they said "E nun c ate"

A fan of your facebook page :)

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17 posts
Sep 30, 2014
10:30 AM
Carl Day, all the way! His voice just sounds like 'home'.
7 posts
Nov 02, 2014
8:29 AM
Worked in News Dept. at WHIO 7 in late 1960' and early 1970's and agree. Don Wayne & Ed Krahling (sp) were the evening crew. Two terrific guys , both with a great sense of humor. Gil Whitney also had a great sense of humor.
14 posts
Dec 07, 2014
2:53 PM
I began working at WHIO in 1969. Stayed almost right up until the Xenia tornado. I could swear that the scriptwriters on "WKRP" got their material from the real life WHIO. Anybody remember Taffy Douglas, Connie Lockwood, Bob Tomaska or Denny Cheatham?

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