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robert hall clothing
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Sep 15, 2009
4:29 PM
does anybody remember robert hall clothes?
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Sep 15, 2009
5:27 PM
here is some more of the jingle,
show me the reason
low overhead low overhead
there is more

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Sep 15, 2009
5:51 PM
I remember Robert Hall, they had stores all over but for some reason Iam drawing a blank as to the Dayton locations.

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Steve K
114 posts
Sep 15, 2009
6:42 PM
There was a Robert Hall out around Wright State in the late 60's I think.
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Sep 15, 2009
9:31 PM
my aunt bought me a powder blue suit for church from the robert hall store in springfield so they must have been in a bunch of other city's too.
i hated the suit...lol
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Sep 16, 2009
6:53 AM
The Airway Store was on the S side of Colonel Glenn just across the street from where National Rd came up and dead ended. I believe National was extended across Col Glenn sometimein the past. This would be about a mile West of Wright State.
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Sep 16, 2009
7:49 AM
newsnot: sounds really familiar but still can't put it together, I do know that reason rhymes with season. This would have been around 57/58 for me. My first full time job I took home $26. per week after the nickel an hour raise. Seemed like a lot at the time.
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Sep 17, 2009
5:45 PM
rodat6: remember when you used to have to get a work permit if you were under 18, do you still have to do that in dayton ?.....anybody know ?
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Sep 18, 2009
12:47 AM
I turned 18 in Dallas Texas in 1960, remember the name work permit but do not remember getting or needing one for my job although it's possible that I did. Before working for Rudy L. Kennett as a photostat operator I was a caddy at Meadowbrook Country Club for about a half year and before that sold the Dayton Daily News at various downtown locations after having a Journal Herald morning route 6 days per week for 1 year which I was in the 3rd/4th grade at Webster Elementary school.
215 posts
Sep 20, 2009
1:27 AM
rodat: thanks, i remember all the kids having to get work permits to work at the drive-in theaters here in dayton.
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Sep 20, 2009
7:11 AM
Yes, dquartz, minors still have to get a work permit. It has to be filled out by their school and returned to the employer. During the summer, 16 and 17 year olds do not have to have a work permit.
Mike C
59 posts
Feb 12, 2010
8:56 AM
I remember buying things from them when I was a child and also when I first started out with my family. One of their stores was on Colonel Glenn across from the Hardee's. I think there is a poolhall in the one part of the building.
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Feb 17, 2010
7:22 AM
In the early fifties, my grandfather bought all of the families winter coats at the store between First and Second, east side of Jefferson St. Not stylish but wool and warm! Robert Hall store on the east side of Kettering Blvd (NOT Dixie) across from the Frigidaire plant closed in the late sixties.

IMPORTANT Geographical and travel information:
Dixie Drive = northbound side, Kettering Blvd = southbound side, parting at Dorothy Lane and merging at Springboro Pike.
Mikey, Gatlinburg, TN

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Jan 11, 2015
5:23 AM
I remember my Mother taking me to the Robert Hall store in Kettering. Not sure if it was in Town N Country shopping center or not, but close by. My family always said they didn't have the best clothes available, but you could get decent clothes at an affordable price. When I got in High School, early 60s, if anybody had on clothes that weren't cool looking or something, we'd always say "Did you get those pants at Robert Hall's" I know the few rich kids I knew would never wear clothes from there, but I did. They really weren't that bad.
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Jan 21, 2015
10:53 AM
I remember a joke I heard on one of the Dayton radio stations probably in the late 50,s. To find the area of a square you take how tall he is times how wide he is and then add his Robert Hall suit size.
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Jan 21, 2015
1:36 PM
My dad bought a suit for me at RHS ON Jefferson.I was very young and not sure why I needed it ,however he was a wise man and figured I would put up a battle when the rubber hit the road and I had to wear it.Ithink I out grew it before it hit my little body.
271 posts
Jan 22, 2015
1:14 PM
I remember the Robert Hall,s on Kettering Blvd. and the one out on Col. Glenn Hwy.
luv my dayton
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Jan 22, 2015
4:01 PM
Do remember Robert halls on Jefferson.Didn't it later on become Price brothers?
260 posts
Jan 22, 2015
11:40 PM
LMD - I believe you meant Price Stores. Price Brothers is the company that makes concrete pipes - we used to have a joke about that whenever someone said they bought their suit at Price Brothers.

I'm not sure if there is a connection to Robert Hall Clothes Inc. Robert Hall lasted until 1977 (apparently not in Dayton that long) - the Price Stores website indicates they have been around since 1950.

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