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Hasty Tasty Locations
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Steve K
131 posts
Sep 22, 2009
8:41 AM
In 1955-56 there were two Hasty Tasty Drive-In restaurants listed, 1538 Keowee street and 3509 Linden avenue.

In 1960 there were twelve listed!

3509 Linden ave
1127 N Broad st (Fairborn)
3426 Salem ave
1538 Keowee st
3110 S Main st (Middletown)
2610 S Dixie dr
521 N Main st
125 E Main (Greenville)
5020 Brandt pike
5446 W Third st
Route 25 near Troy
9480 Airway rd

These were all had store numbers, Linden being number one... not sure if that indicated the order in which they were opened or not.

Seems to me maybe I've seen that Keowee street address listed for a different restaurant, maybe one of the other Wympee's or a diner of some sort?
354 posts
Sep 22, 2009
10:07 PM
Wow...I never realized there were that many. I think the one at 3509 Linden ave may have been the first one. I spent a many a night hanging out at that one. cant recall the year but Indiana wants me and 1-2-3- Red Lights (1910 Fruitgum Company) was all over WING. good memories.
1 post
Sep 23, 2009
4:53 AM
As a teenager in 1966, the Huber Heights Hasty Tasty was one of my first jobs. I worked as a fry cook, waiter, busboy and even a "roller skating" carhop! Our 2 girl "hops" quit one day in a dispute with the manager and he told me, "Mike, find a pair of skates that fit"! Made quite a few good tips that day! Finally got sick of eating burgers and fries after cooking them all shift!

Mike Austing
Dennison, OH
29 posts
Jun 02, 2011
10:00 PM
My mother worked at the one on Keowee...this was during the early 1960's. Best food in the world as I recall...My world was very small back then and I thought there was only one Hasty Tasty in the whole world and that was IT...well, years add to the whole dream-like memories I have of being raised in Dayton I suppose, but that's what this site is all about, right? I've sadly been transplanted to another state and have been away for years but I love Dayton and loved the Hasty Tasty food. (Sorry for waxing romantic.)
399 posts
Jun 03, 2011
8:13 AM
The one still open on Linden is still fantastic. It's like going back in time.
66 posts
Jun 04, 2011
8:25 AM
My mom avoided the Hasty Tasties because their slogan was something like "Hasty Chicken, Tasty Fish" (I don't remember what the tasty part was!) In her mind, Hasty Chicken would be chicken that wasn't completely cooked!
1 post
Jun 07, 2011
11:06 AM
We used to drive through the one on Salem Avenue in the late '50s to see who was there and be seen! I remember we were not allowed to get out of our cars or loiter.
brennan dr.
6 posts
Mar 30, 2012
5:06 PM
Fisher, my sister, Joyce Rose, also worked at the Keowee St. location. She started when she was only fourteen, fibbed about her age. She made great tips and it began her exodus from Parkside Homes. She has always worked hard. She overcame so much. She didn't become a doctor or lawyer, at age sixty four she is still a waitress, and has always been one. She never collected welfare, raised two kids on her own, and paid off her house twenty years ago. She always drives a new car. She started there around 1961-62. Maybe your Mom knows her. P.S. never apologize for being romantic or sharing your memories of the past. In this increasingly terrible world, it is nice to know we can go back to a time when even the bad times were good. Sometimes it's all we have.....quite often it's all we need. Best wishes
10 posts
Mar 30, 2012
8:25 PM
brennan: Did your Sister go to McGuffy school?
brennan dr.
7 posts
Mar 31, 2012
9:06 AM
Butch1977, Yes, My oldest sister Lois, Joyce,Darlene, and myself all went to Mcguffy. Lois and Joyce went to Kiser before we moved to Kentucky. We lived at 1113 Brennan Dr, In Parkside. I was called Rusty when I was a Kid. We lived in Parkside before it turned into a dump. It was a great place to live when we were there from 1956-1963. My Mom was required to keep our apartment, lawn. and us, in line. I used to stop in anytime I was back in Dayton. I could not believe what it had become. Whatever happened to pride and personal accoutability, no matter where you live or what your finacial status.
37 posts
Apr 09, 2012
8:26 PM
brennan dr. ....Thanks for your kind words. Sadly, my mother passed away in August of 2000, her name was Mary Elizabeth and went by Mary, Liz and Lib (so many nicknames, I know). Like your Mom, she raised my sister and I on 'slim pickens' as they say and pretty much had a hard life all the way around and never took welfare etc either...before she passed away, she was apologizing to me on her death bed for not giving us kids a better life growing up, I told her I could not have wished for a better childhood and my sister and I always thought it was the best anyone could have ever had. If your Mom is still with us, you might ask her if she remembered my mother. We went to McGuffey School and lived in Parkside Homes as well...I was in Dayton in 2009 and by that time they had demolished Parkside Homes but my son and I grabbed a couple of leftover bricks from the demolition of the site. I keep them on a mantle in my office marked and dated..ahh memories...Fischer
435 posts
Jun 14, 2013
3:47 PM
Does the Hasty Tasty use the Parkmoor recipe for their fried chicken? It seems an awful lot like it.
338 posts
Jun 26, 2013
5:58 AM
It seems like few years back there were member meetings at Hasty Tasty. What happened to them?

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26 posts
Jun 26, 2013
8:36 PM
Brennen : I had teachers named Mr. Goodman, Ms. Rosenberg and another I can't remember.
27 posts
Jul 25, 2013
5:39 PM
Anyone remember Johnny Elecker or Bob Fletcher? Old school maets.
35 posts
Mar 29, 2015
5:26 PM
I still eat at the Linden location and one of my friends worked there long ago.

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