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Americana Music Center in Belmont
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Jan 06, 2013
2:08 PM
So I took piano lessons there from 5th grade through freshman year but I can't remember what the name of it was before it was Americana - and I think it was a few different names but cannot remember what it was in the late 60's. Did anyone else take music lessons there?
Steve K
199 posts
Jan 08, 2013
7:32 AM
I took guitar lessons there in 1971 or so.... I don't remember it having another name before Americana, but it's possible, I guess.
Steve K
200 posts
Jan 12, 2013
7:33 PM
I checked some Dayton city directories today.... looks like Americana first shows up around 1955....

1955 American Academy of Music, 751 Watervliet
1960 Americana Music, 743 Watervliet
1965 Americana Music, 649 Watervliet
1970 Americana Music, 649 Watervliet

No where between 1953 and 1970 was there a different music store at any of the Watervliet locations.
4 posts
Jan 13, 2013
3:17 PM
So it must have been Americana when I took lessons there. Maybe I was thinking AFTER when it turned into Ace Music. I probably started lessons around 1965 or so through 1971 or 1972.
29 posts
May 21, 2014
6:40 PM
My brother use to shop there, I think he bought a guitar or two there back in the 70's maybe 80's.
32 posts
Mar 29, 2015
4:30 PM
I took guitar lessons there around 1976 or 77. Randy Ciccone was my teacher. He was in the Dayton,Yellow springs band.

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