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Jan 27, 2013
7:38 PM
Anyone recall the ice/milk machines/ You could purchase 1 gallon milk bottles,whole blocks of ice,bags of crushed ice or cubes.The machine looked like a 30x8 trailer.It had different conveyers inside for each product.Put your money in and the conveyor would drop your product.These were nice back when every thing closed at 5pm.There was one on shroyer where the drive thru is located.Another was on far hills where arrow wine is now.
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Jan 27, 2013
9:36 PM
Yes, those were the days! I used to be sent over to the one on Shroyer Rd. (It was at the Sinclair station across the street from the Dairy Queen.) My mom would give me the correct change, and you would put the coins in a slide drawer type thing -- all the coins at once. I think the milk was sold in glass bottles not cardboard or plastic, and somehow the bottles never broke until we were on the way home. If I remember right, there were different slides for different products.

They used to have an Ice Machine at the Patterson Pony Keg. We always got blocks of ice there for camping trips. My dad insisted on blocks of ice since they did not melt away as fast as cubes or crushed ice.

I had forgotten about these machine until last summer when we were in Hatteras NC and all the gas stations had ice machines which appeared the same and with the exception of having electronic things to accept you money (coins OR bills OR credit cards) they appeared to be the same basic thing as what I remember from 50 years ago.
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Jan 10, 2015
7:50 AM
I remember an ice machine during the 1950's along the north side of Linden Ave. just below where US 35 now crosses that street. You put coins in and crushed ice in heavy paper bag would fall down to a receptor slot insulated with a canvas and rubber "door."
joey m
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Jan 10, 2015
8:10 AM
Anyone remember the Big ice machine at Woody's Market. It was part of the Little Farm and it was kind of on the West side of the building. And here's an interesting story that most didn'know. I was friend of the Bowman family and I rented their freezer that they made and stored their ice in. They had a huge ice making machine on the second floor where I stored some of my restaurant supplies in . One day I went there to pick up some meat I had there and when I went in to tell Danny (Woody's Son) I needed to get something when he told me the freezer was was closed. When I asked what happened he told the young boy who worked there was trying to get something that was stuck out of the chute that fed the machine and fell in and was killed. I'm sure it was an ugly scene.

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