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Dayton Memories > door to door milk delivery
door to door milk delivery
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Nov 25, 2009
7:00 AM
Seems to me there was more than 1 dairy that delivered. My grandfather delivered milk for White Clover Dairy and I think you could get milk from Molers also. There may have been others but I can not remember.
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Nov 25, 2009
7:08 AM
We got door-to-door milk delivery through the sixties
from Meadow Gold dairy. Our neighbor in Belmont was
a Milk delivery man for Borden's. The big thrill was
a chocolate milk delivery on Friday. The dairy would
also have periodic 'specials' that you could buy that
day - orange drink etc..

We also had bread delivery from Whites for awhile. The
big thrill there was a special cinnamon raisin bread
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Nov 25, 2009
11:53 AM
McCloskey's Dairy on North Dixie Dr. and Molen's Dairy on Wagoner Ford Rd. Both delivered door-to-door for many years. Both supplied milk to Northridge Schools, alternating every other year.

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Nov 26, 2009
6:07 AM
I was getting home milk delivery back in the mid 70's but can't remember the name of the dairy. Home delivery stopped around 1975 or 1976 if I remember correctly.
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Jan 05, 2010
12:46 PM
Don't forget Shoemake Dairy in Kettering! My uncle retired from a delivery route working for them.
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Jun 09, 2010
10:31 AM
Don't forget the Blossom hill Dairy on West 35. My dad delivered milk for them back in the 50's,
phil pixley
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Jun 09, 2010
2:48 PM
Bordens delivered to our house on Eichelberger Ave.Now I am telling my age here the refridgerated trucks were kind of primative so they would carry blocks of ice-just in case.The driver named frank would always chip off a nice hunk for me in the hot summer.
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Jun 09, 2010
6:57 PM
I remember milk bottles in our chute in the 60s!!
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Jun 14, 2010
2:13 PM
I can't remember who delivered our milk when we moved here in 1960, maybe Meadow Gold. I DO remember the Home Juice company delivered those big jugs of juice. We just loved those juices. I believe the company was located on Calumet Lane.
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Jun 18, 2010
3:03 PM
AllenN71 - we had one of those insulated boxes too. I remember the distinctive sound it used to make when being closed by the delivery person. It meant I had to go out and get the milk. My Father delivered milk as his first job when out of the military after WWII. That lasted until he got his job for the post office. I have no clue who he delivered for. No pictures of him in his uniform.
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Jun 19, 2010
8:52 AM
I recall as a kid I would get a piece of ice from the milk man. This would have been 63 or so.
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Jun 20, 2010
6:16 PM
In the early 60's Royal Crest Dairy delivered our milk in Kettering, I still have the insulated box.
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Sep 30, 2010
7:50 PM
Meadow Gold delivered to our house in Overlook in the late 50s and 60s. Our milk man's name was Mr. Matthews. I remember that he commited suicide and we were shocked and very sad.
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Dec 12, 2011
1:47 AM
Here in Utah, you can still get milk and other things delivered to your front door. You have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee plus what you owe for the food.
I told my son that door to door delivery of milk and juices was common in Dayton as I was growing up. He seemed fascinated when I told him that the milk came in glass bottles with a stiff paper plug and that my Mom got her cream for her coffee by pouring off the cream on top of the milk. At one point, we were getting 2 quarts of milk every other day (I was drinking 1 qt. by myself-age 12 or so) and once a week, we had a bottle of chocolate milk and a bottle of orange juiice added to the delivery. I can't rremember when that service stopped. Might have been when I went into the mitary and Mom was by herself. I do remember that when I came home on leave, she was going to the store to get her milk and a can of condensed milk for her coffee.
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Dec 12, 2011
8:53 AM
Our milk was delivered by "Cid" the milkman from Borden's Dairy.We always got Gail Borden milk in a purple carton.
I believe Gail Borden was the inventor of condensed milk and also fruit juices.I could be mistaken as that knowledge comes from conversations I overheard as a child.
My grandparents had delivery from Neals Dairy.I loved pulling the cap from one of those bottles and scooping the cream from the top!My grandmother wasn't as happy about that as I.It seemed that I was supposed to shake the cream into the milk before pouring myself a glass.
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Dec 13, 2011
6:31 AM
I grew up in Eaton and we had milk delivery from the Meadow Gold dairy which was less than a block down the street. It was always a treat when our Mother ordered a chocolate milk or the dairy orange drink.

The old dairy building is still there but it's been empty for many, many years.
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Dec 13, 2011
7:20 AM
We had Royal Crest dairy milk delivery featured by Hopalong Cassidy. Omar bread delivery, an independent "egg man" that brought farm fresh eggs from Hillsboro once a week, and once in a while Charles Chips and Pretzels. At one time, with 4 boys in the house, mom used to get the 10 quart box of milk that had a small hose out the front to dispense the milk. In the summer we had several guys who sold produce out of an old truck, the last one did so out of the trunk of his everyday Cadillac.
Mike C
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Dec 17, 2011
9:37 PM
I do remember Royal Crest Dairy- Hopalong Cassidy. We used a couple of different milk companies when we moved but I remember the last one we had was Meadow Gold dairy. we went to Moler's Dairy for ice cream there on Smithville road. Now it is a box shipping business, UPS/FED EX type store.
Charles Chips was too expensive for us to afford but a couple of my friends had them. So I'd eat them over at their house, often.
Omar Bread company was great. We used them as well.
There was some sort of other company that would stop with a big delivery truck that would sell sundries and the such. I can't remember what it was but my grandmother would order things from them. Was it Jewel Tea Company? Maybe it was some sort of other name.
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Dec 19, 2011
4:30 AM
Mike C, I remember the Jewel Tea guy. In fact my wife collects dishes that they used to sell. There is a pattern called Autum Leaf that she collects. I remember my mom having the same dishes.
luv my dayton
7 posts
May 25, 2012
7:55 AM
Don't remember the name but do know that milk was delivered to our home in Kettering and placed in a metal box. When milk was no longer delivered the box remained and was used for placement of the daily newspaper. When my mother passed away in 2006 and we sold the house that same box was still on her porch and in good shape.
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Feb 17, 2015
11:04 AM
my dad,ernie, deliverd milk house to house for royal crest all star dairy back in the 60,s. would like to see old pictures of their trucks and workers, etc.
joey m
336 posts
Feb 18, 2015
8:41 AM
Both of my brother in laws worked for Neal's Dairy. One's route was on the west side of the city and the other's was Kettering and Bellebrook. And inthe summer time I would ride with them and help deliver their milk. GREAT MEMORIES
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Feb 18, 2015
11:04 AM
luv my Dayton...I lived in Kettering also and remember those metal boxes. Thanks for jogging a few memory cells loose
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Apr 20, 2015
10:54 PM
Hildebrand's dairy was a family owned business.
My uncle's dad started it I believe in the 1920's.
Uncle Elwood "Rixey" Hildebrand worked their, and @ times worked the delivery trucks. When I visited he would take me and his son Bruce on the routes.
We had so much fun. (You can still find the old glass bottles on the internet.) The business was sold out to a larger firm in the 1960's or 70's. Thanks for the opportunity to comment and remember. Oh yes the dairy was located @ 1314 Lamar St. (If anyone has pictures, please let me know.) Loved these hardworking people.
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Apr 21, 2015
7:50 AM
I remember it well in North Dayton in the 60s. They used to deliver bread and eggs as well.

Also in the summer there was a guy who had a huge cart of strawberries, and would walk up and down the streets selling them.
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Apr 21, 2015
11:28 AM
I grew up in Belmont, so we got deliveries 3 times a week from Moler's Dairy, and White Bakeries. One thing I remembered was we ate a lot of Gem City Ice Cream. They came in a brownish green carton, but I can't remember if they had milk, or just the confectionaries. My Mother would buy it at the The Equity Deli next to Gastenaus Hardware.
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Apr 21, 2015
11:55 AM
My dad worked for Meadow Gold dairy in the 50's and early 60's. He delivered in West Carrollton. We had bread delivery at our house too. I don't remember who it was.
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Apr 21, 2015
1:11 PM
Krogers had a dairy on Pontiac Street in Dayton and after the depression in the 40's, my dad had a job there. Imagine, if you can, when I sometimes would visit him at work, as we lived on the same street, my dad would have rubber hip boots up to his armpits and he would be walking inside a long metal vat that was about 15 feet long by 6 feet. wide. The vat was filled up with cottage cheese and my dad would be in it walking with a huge wooden paddle, stirring the cheese. The vat was in a huge room and uncovered. Who knows what all fell into that cottage cheese. No wonder Dad never brought home samples of that. I guess that was the way all dairies made cottage cheese back then. When I think about it now, I often wonder how he got out of the vat. I'm sorry I was never there to see that or to ask him.
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Apr 21, 2015
1:14 PM
I grew up on Donald Ave in Belmont and enjoyed the Moler's dairy deliveries. Remember having to shake the bottle to distribute the cream, which had a habit of floating to the top? Winter was the best when then weather was cold enough to turn the cream at the top of the bottle into a frozen treat. If you got there first and ate all the frozen ctream before you brought the bottle inside everyone else got "skim" milk until the next delivery.
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Apr 27, 2015
10:03 PM
I remember milkman from Royal Crest & yea, getting a bug smooth chunk of ice from him in the summer was a real treat. Do you remember the Yellow Sunbeam truck that sold baked goods, candy and baked goods? The fresh vegetable truck and back in the 50s the Jewell T truck? I lived in lower Dayton View untill 1953 then we moved to Owens Dr off of Gettysburg Ave. Hillcrest Ave was the next street behind our house. My first real job was at Flints. Spent my summers at Trotwood Swim Club from the day they first opened but before that Phillips Pool and Millers Grove were where my first memories of magical summers spent swimming and playing. Also go carts and especially the trampoline centers. The Dixie and north Star drive inn's at night. Oh yea, Goodies hamburgers on Salem Ave. Wow, those were great times. Tony G. ( algmano1@gmail.com )
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Apr 28, 2015
11:56 AM
I remember the Omar man bringing his big basket of baked goods into our house. There were two trays in the basket. The lower level of the basket would contain bread, rolls, biscuits, etc. The top tray would contain cupcakes, pies, donuts, sweet rolls, etc. It was done that way on purpose. All the sweet treats were on top so the kids in the house would see them and beg their mother to buy them!

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