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Dayton Memories > Rollerskating, Huber Hts & Fairborn
Rollerskating, Huber Hts & Fairborn
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Feb 12, 2013
8:22 AM
Does anyone remember the two brothers (I think they may have been twins) who use to roller skate at the Huber Heights skating rink back in the 70's? Someone I know said they use to skate in Fairborn at the Skyborn skating rink, too but we can't remember their names and wondered if anyone knew their names or what became of them; if they were still around and/or living. It seems I recall they usually wore western-style shirts, scarves around their necks, cowboy hats and jeans...
David C
20 posts
Feb 16, 2015
11:41 AM
I do remember them from The Skyborn Rink but don't know their names. Sorry.

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