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Imperial House North
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Mar 03, 2013
7:12 AM
I am from Dayton (in Arizona) now and wonder what happened to the Imperial House North Hotel...is it the one now called Dayton Executive Hotel that is scheduled for demolition?
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Mar 03, 2013
8:37 AM
Yes, they are one and the same. Place is pretty forlorn looking, drove by it just yesterday afternoon.
Anyone know is there is a something designated to be built on the site? I'd have to think that's a fairly expensive piece of real estate, too valuable to sit vacant very long.
luv my dayton
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Mar 03, 2013
7:29 PM
Spent many weekends dancing and having a good time out at the Radisson while Gene by golly Berry DJ'd. The hotel was always packed with tourists, wedding parties which made Georgios even busier. Will have to check when out on Colonial Glen as there used to be a big Holiday Inn with a dance club there called Sugars and think that is now gone. Have no idea what people are to do if they still like to dance. All the supper clubs with live music and dancing are gone. Even heard the Christopher club hasn't been doing well and its struggling to keep its doors open. Think our generation may have stayed younger longer and was more into partying,dancing and having a good time.
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Feb 23, 2015
12:25 PM
This is being torn down as I type this. The developer who is in charge hasn't announced any plans for the site. But, given the new Dayton Racino is about a mile away. I am sure it is going to be another hotel, bar, or shopping center.

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