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Sep 05, 2013
1:20 PM
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Sep 05, 2013
1:23 PM
Loved all those wonderfull times with Bob Shrieves and his menagerie...
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Sep 05, 2013
5:59 PM
Funny enough, was talking with a friend about Shrieve just this past weekend. Schoenling Beer apparently sponsored a series of these all-night movie programs. In addition to Shrieve in Dayton and Cincinnati, I remember watching a guy named Jerry Beck doing the same all-night movie program on the same bar room set out of Columbus. My friend said he thinks Indianapolis also had a Schoenling sponsored all-nighter at some point in the 70s.

Any others?

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Sep 05, 2013
8:50 PM
I am not aware of the dates involved but at some time in the past a brewery was able to show people actually drinking beer during an advertisement. At some point that changed and the commercial could show the beer and show people holding the beer and even raising the glass to drink BUT could not actually show the beer being consumed.
With that long intro comes the point of this. Bob Shrieve would pour a Schoenling from the tap and talk about how delicious it was but he could not be seen drinking it. After so long he would stop, say "commercials over" and proceed to drink his mug of Schoenling.
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Sep 06, 2013
8:11 AM
My wife and I would gather our snacks and drinks on Saturday night, and prepare for a long night of watching Bob's antics. I remember one night that he superimposed himself onto the screen, as though he was in the movie. The movie was set in the 50's, perhaps, and a yellow cab (yes, the movie was in color) pulled up to a street corner; a soldier got out of the cab and proceeded to look up-and-down the street, trying to find a house. He was holding a paper, presumably with an address. Bob's "superimposed image", complete with his apron, was standing on a nearby lawn, appearing as though he was talking to the soldier, and pointing in a direction that the soldier eventually went in. It was done so well, making it look like he was in that movie, giving that "lost" soldier directions.

And, remember the "pole with the lock" that was always in the middle of his bar. He would never answer his own question, "...I wonder what that pole means?". I can only guess, but never knew exactly what the answer was.

Then, there was "Head-A", the body-less head that was one of his characters.

Those were the days.

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joey m
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Sep 06, 2013
9:22 AM
I was on his show which was broadcast from the WHIO studio on Wilmington Pk. It was a blast and do you remember when he would get out an old fox tail and his comment would be "and thats a fur piece from here" talking about a town somebody was writing him from. I just remember he would keep quarts of Schoenling beer in a extremely cold cooler. His guests were people who owned or worked at bars carry outs or restaurants. I owned a restaurant and carry out across from the old frigidaire plant. GOOD OLD DAYS!!!!!
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Sep 06, 2013
10:54 AM
The body-less head character was named Garoro. When he was on with Bob, he didn't speak, but later Garoro had a speaking role fronting his own horror movie theater program. I think it was on channel 9 on Friday nights.
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Sep 06, 2013
12:44 PM
Ared60: They used to drink Schoenling beer on the channel 7 news. They had big mugs which they would drink from while promoting those Schoenling beer commercials. And about Bob Shrieves, we used to hang out at a bar in Kettering. Lets just say he would get pretty ---- faced while there. He was always making jokes on the people and once in awhile the joke would be turned on him. But he always made us all laugh. So the way he was on TV was the way he was in real life. That was NO act.. Nice guy.. Miss his antics..

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Sep 06, 2013
1:27 PM
I remember he was travelling back to I guess Cincy and his props flew out the window..Ole "Spidel" the spider looked the worse for wear after that, but at least he was saved..
So enjoyed the weekend movies with him..and an order of Cassano pizza..
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Sep 12, 2013
2:50 PM
FreedomWriter, thanks for passing along the info about Bob Shrieve off camera. Everyone on TV projects an image of being a wonderful, friendly person but that may or not actually be true. It's good to hear that Bob was the person he always seemed to be no matter where he was. I'm sorry that I was never able to meet him.
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Sep 12, 2013
8:12 PM
Ared60, well he was a really nice guy, and obviously he enjoyed doing what he did. Seeing him in person was in a way like being on one of his shows. like they say, the more you drink the funnier they get. Well that best describes him pretty much. To bad that they coudn`t rerun some of his old shows. I`d bet he would still draw a late night crowd, even today.
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Sep 30, 2013
5:51 PM
"And now, back to part 19 of..."
Rebecca Hawes
3 posts
Mar 31, 2014
2:22 PM
I loved this show-some things I learned on there I have never forgotten: "Spittin out words to see where they splatter"; the headless doll walking across the bottom of the screen, to name a few. lol
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Jul 12, 2014
6:07 PM
loved it when he sang when the crabgrass blooms again lol
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Jul 14, 2014
9:52 PM
I too remember staying up and watching Bob Shrieve.Wasn't it on Friday nights or was it Sat? My sister, brother and I were school age and the fact that we could stay up all night was a treat in itself. I recall we'd plan our snacks to eat. We didn't have very much money, but occasionally our mother would buy Chef Bo R Dee pizza and we thought that was a big deal!
Remember those Box pizzas?... yuck! Included in the box : A can ? ( more like a dollop ) of pizza sauce ( aka ketchup ).. a packet of yeast to make the crust, which for us we had to be stretched so thin ( so as to insure everyone got a slice ).. but it was so thin there were holes throughout it ( kinda looked like swiss cheese ;-( ... and a few pieces of pepperoni... . we also snacked on Mike-sells.. After we ate the pizza and chips, slowly we'd all fall asleep,becauuse for the most part many of the movies were boring, and Bob Shrieve would drag the movie out as he slowly got drunker and drunker. But what great memories Bob Shrieve gave us all. It is something that my brother and I and even my significant other still reminisce about today ( as my significant other also remembers snacking watching Bob Shrieve at his childhood home ) ... interesting how many of us share the same memories.....different, but maybe not so much..
22 posts
Jul 14, 2014
10:52 PM
the boy did like his beer lol and yes the chef boy r dee pizza was a must have and yes they were very thin thank you I had almost forgot about that
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Jul 15, 2014
5:13 PM
Schoenling Schoenling, that is the beer for me, its got the taste of malt and hops, of finest quality,
Schoenling Schoenling, my choice for purity..I've tried the rest, and Schoenling's best, its Schoenling beer for meeeee....sing it there Charlie baby boy..

Was'nt that a fine moon pitcher?
26 posts
Jul 15, 2014
5:30 PM
lol excellent
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Jul 15, 2014
6:50 PM
So wrong but so funny. Charlie's wife.
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Jul 15, 2014
7:04 PM
Remember after the late news that they played the Star Spangled Banner, then the test pattern with the Indian on it, then snow. This all happened at midnite, or so. Now the TV 24 hours a day. Sometimes infomercials. But, 24 hours a day!!
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Jul 15, 2014
9:49 PM
I remember the late news too NILE. I was school age and it was a treat and a big deal to be able to stay up on Friday and Sat nights. I recall my sister and I loved to watch the channel 9 news( with Al Schottelkotte ( which I think the late news followed Twilight Zone, if I'm not mistaken. Channel 9 ( came in sporadically, and snowy
but we thought it way cool to watch channel 9 because it was broadcast from the cool big city of Cincinnati and not ( in our minds ) boring Dayton Ohio.
What's sad about the 24 hour everything is that it leaves nothing to look forward to ( IMHO )... I very much loved looking forward to our stay up on Fri and Sat night times, and it's given me such good memories because I can understand now.. how special it was. 24 hour everything takes the 'special' out of the equation...

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joey m
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Jul 16, 2014
9:16 AM
Had a pizza house carry out and restaurant at that time. Was one of Bonbrights largest sellers of Schoenling beer. Rep from Bonbright asked if I wanted to go on the show and of course I said yes. During the course of the show Shrieve would interview the owners of bars and restaurants. It was a good time. And I remember that the cooler they had for the beer was loaded with Shoenling Draft quarts and they were ice cold. I dont remember Schreive drinking that much if any.
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Jul 19, 2014
10:12 AM
There are numerous PPP video clips on Youtube. Just search Bob Shrieve. In one, Adam West shows up in his Batman outfit....
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Jul 19, 2014
4:51 PM
Joey--I think the stories about Shreve drinking heavily on the set were just that, stories. Not saying he didn't have a cold one with the pizza, deli trays, and other food eateries brought in for the free plug, but the people claiming Bob got crocked on set are perpetuating a local legend more than anything else.

Ignoring the potential FCC penalties and legal liabilities Channel 7 would have faced, consider the practical side of things. Shreve went on the air at Channel 7 at 1am on Sat morning, went off at 6am. He then had to pile all his props into his vehicle, drive back to Cincinnati, catch some sleep, then get to Channel 9 early enough to get his act together for his second all night show in a 24 hour period. For a few years, he then came back on the air a couple hours later to host a Sunday morning cartoon show. Keeping that schedule, hung over from a night of guzzling beer in Dayton, would have been tough for a youngster. The man was 60 years old in 1972.

When I was at UC in the mid 70s, Shreve showed up at a university sponsored, outdoor party of some sort. There were lots of adult beverages to be had, but I'm sure Bob never drank anything during his bit. He hung around a while, signed a few authographs, then very causally left.

Never met him personally, but got to know some of the TV/radio people in Cincinnati during and after my time at UC. I was told he was actually a private, almost shy, man off camera/stage, but he really liked performing. He also apparently had a soft spot for kids, and quietly did a lot for various children's charities in Dayton and Cincinnati. Sadly you do not see local TV personalities like Shreve these days, easier to fill local TV time with infomercials and inane syndicated programming than developing guys like Bob Shreve.

Last Edited by Calhoun on Jul 20, 2014 10:32 AM
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Jul 19, 2014
5:52 PM
Thanks for giving us another perspective Calhoun, about Bob Shreve. We were school age watching Bob Shreve and looked forward to 'staying up at night with him' . It was a big treat of our weekly routine.
I guess, because we were young , we 'assumed' that as the night went on, Bob Shreve became more inebriated.It did appear as though he was drinking those big mugs of beer... but you know what they say about assuming. He did keep the show lively and was one of the reasons I have such good memories of that time in my childhood..
17 posts
Jul 20, 2014
9:49 AM
Is it OK if we post topics about Cincinnati now? this was seen in Dayton and all, but it's a Cincinnati product just like Midwestern hayride and a bunch of other things we watched, just saying.
162 posts
Jul 20, 2014
1:37 PM
Dogpile has several videos relating to Bob Shreve. It was spelled Shreve on there. Look through Dogpile videos, there are several.
Paula fishman
24 posts
Jul 23, 2014
7:23 AM
One movie on the Bob Shreve show still gives me the creeps. People were trapped on an island covered with shrews with long fangs In order to get to the shore to escape they wore metal drums over their bodies and scurried to the water while all the time these awful looking shrews were chewing up their legs Another great childhood memory of growing up in Dayton. We all watched Cincinnati channels
17 posts
Nov 13, 2014
6:27 PM
Remember when there would be a pretty lady in one of the movies? Bob would show a frame of her and ask -- "Would I?" -- "Wouldn't U?"

And then he would hold up an actual "Wooden U".
318 posts
Nov 13, 2014
8:16 PM
I remember a series of those gag props, including "we(e) would", a tiny little piece of wood, and "why not", a knotted rope in the shape of the letter "y". Don't recall any of the others, but I think they were sent to Bob by viewers.
joey m
272 posts
Nov 14, 2014
9:55 AM
Was on there a couple times and the one I remember was he had some kind of fur piece and if he referred to a town or State he would hold it up and say that's a fur piece away.
Joe M
5 posts
Nov 29, 2014
6:44 PM
Bob indeed looked half looped on occasion, was a real hoot to watch, I also remember a channel 7 personality from those days Charlie Hinkel, sports caster if I remember correctly, he did commercials for scheonling beer, and he looked all bugged eye most of the time, he really enjoyed doing those commercials
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Apr 10, 2015
2:32 AM
Man, Bob was great. Doing the :Old soft shoe dance with hat and cane, singing along with music,using wood letters for, wood u,I wood, I wood knot(using a piece of wooden knot),singing the beer song,trying to hit the high note at the end,and missing it badly, I still use the term "Moon Picture" with my grandkids. His props of "chicky a little longer" then streching a rubber chicken 3 or 4 feet long.Garroro was a holloween prop sent to him that he used all the time, it was a decapitated head, looking real gross,he would ask it question. But every now and then, he would show a movie that wasn't half bad. It taught me to watch a movie that I thought wouldn't be good,then turn out great at the end. In summary, Bob just gave us some old time vaudville acting that we never seen. We would say"How corny", then try an old soft shoe our selfs. I was allowed to stay up all night if I wanted too, But no missing church at 9:00 AM Sunday morning. I guess that why I worked 2nd and 3rd shifts all my life. Me and Bob will do a soft shoe for the lord when I get up there with him, see you soon Bob!!!!!!!!

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