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Lemon Tree
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Dec 17, 2013
8:45 AM
Anyone remember the Lemon Tree on Wayne Ave, next to the Art Theater?
luv my dayton
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Dec 17, 2013
9:39 AM
Back in the 60's it seems as though there was a coffee house around there where poets, singers and overall hippie types would gather. Went a time or two and found it interesting. Not sure what the name of the place was.
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Dec 17, 2013
1:06 PM
Was there once whole waitig fpr the next show at the art.Very small and crowded. g uy on a guitar was all I remember.
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Dec 17, 2013
1:52 PM
YES - there was also a store that sold waterbeds next door and that was the first time I saw one. Thought it was such a wonderful invention HA Think I saw a pic at the theater in late 60's called The Collector?? Vaguely remember it had something to do with butterflies?

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Dec 18, 2013
4:18 AM
I remember the Lemon Tree. We lived on Gebhart about a block away. I was pretty young. We used to try to peek in the windows and see what was going on inside.
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Dec 18, 2013
7:49 AM
I remember going in the Lemon Tree to hear a poetry reading during the early 60's! I had no idea what the guy was talking about at all.It was strange and I have never forgotten that day!
My girlfriends and I thought we were so cool because they actually allowed us to sit and listen.

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Dec 19, 2013
5:39 PM
I went there once on a date and there was this guy reading Shakespeare standing on his head. Strange entertainment but I went a few times and it was always interesting.
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Nov 02, 2014
10:10 AM
The Shakespeare reading guy was Cedric Smith, a Canadian Actor of some fame. At the time, he was acting in Shakespeare's plays in Stratford, Ontario, Canada during the summer months and touring the Mid-West folk music circuit in the off-seasons. He recently was in in the BBC-aired series, "Copper" in 2013.

The Lemon Tree Cinema Café was opened by Antioch grad (1956) Clark Crites who managed the Art Theater in Dayton and Little Art in Yellow Springs. The Dayton Lemon Tree was a reincarnation of an earlier coffee house started by Antioch students in the mid 1950's in Yellow Springs.

A number of musicians and entertainers who appeared at the Dayton LT would go on to bigger things in the entertainment world. Many national folk music acts would also turn up after hours at the LT after their Dayton concerts to sit in with the locals. Mary Travers, Chad Mitchell Trio banjo player Paul Prestopino and Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee are some I recall.

Crites, who majored in both Art and Engineering, went on to received an Academy Award for his Endless Loop Film handling system (ELF), widely used in theater projection today.

The Dayton Lemon Tree was a source of a lot of interesting 1960's Dayton history and incredible stories.

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