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Betty Greenwood
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Apr 20, 2014
10:00 AM
I just learned of the passing of Betty Greenwood( A true Dayton Entertainment ICON) I remember many pleasant days at the Cascades on Salem Avenue. Great Musical Entertainment. At one time I lived at 319 Central Avenue( I have mentioned the significance of that location in other posts), which was right behind the Cascades on Salem Avenue. I spent many enjoyable “Happy Hours :)) there in the past of long ago. I would like to request any who knew the wonderful person Betty Greenwood was, to post any memories they might have of the Cascades……………………..
122 posts
Apr 22, 2014
5:08 PM
Isn't she the local comedian who was called "Big Red?"
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Apr 23, 2014
8:10 AM
Betty Greenwood is not Big Red; however, Big Red got her start with Betty @ the Cascades. Betty died on April 12, and her Memorial Service was this past Monday, April 21st. Please go to the Tobias Funeral Home website to see her obituary and to read all the comments...
joey m
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Apr 23, 2014
8:40 AM
What ever happened to two singers who sang there. Ones name was Bobbi and the other was Dottie Jean.
Riverdale Ghost
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Apr 24, 2014
3:38 PM

I spent quite a bit of time around Salem and Grand in my day. For one thing I had a bad infection in the late 60's that took years to shake, one part of which amounted to hiking a couple of miles every day, much of it along Salem avenue and points east. I remember the Liberal there, the A&P south of it, the Kroger still farther south, etc. The point is, I understand some of what you bring up.

In my day I passed the Cascades a few times but never went in, although like a lot of people I had heard of Betty Greenwood -- a person to be noted. I wasn't around there for occasional entertainment.

I think the reason you didn't get a lot of feedback here and also with other topics is because that was from a different generation. She was 91. In her day Roosevelt high school was a powerhouse, sort of "the" place to go to school, etc. A good many of the members here are much younger and what you and I sometimes bring up isn't anywhere in their world.

Her guest book is perpetual, so her obituary won't be too hard to find for anyone interested, and it's kind of like with Jerry Sharkey. She's recent history, so if you can bring in a few details, that puts her "on site." And, that's the best "this" generation can do.

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Apr 26, 2014
12:32 AM
TNX, RG, You’re probably right about the posts. Don’t tell me time has passed us by! Maybe Curt will have to give us old-timers a separate thread for a different time:):). At any rate, I do appreciate the memories and stories of all on the blog. Speaking of ages and a lot of the high-school graduates on the thread, I was speaking to a friend who now lives in Florida, who is planning on attending this summer, the 45th reunion of Fairview High School. I believe I’ve seen on here where it is now an elementary school. I imagine there may be quite a few Fairview graduates still around. Getting back to Betty Greenwood and the Cascades, there was a gentleman who sang there I remember named, “Lenny Davis”. Wonder if anyone out there remembers him and knows if he is still around. One of his favorite songs of that time was, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the Old Oak Tree.” An oldie but goodie, I suppose…….
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Apr 26, 2014
6:49 AM
historybuff - Fairview High School was torn down last year. They're going to build a library on the land.
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Jun 15, 2014
7:28 PM
I must have been in every place around there except the cascades. I remember it like yesterday on the SE corner of Salem and grand. I had a couple of buddies that used to work across the street at the Marathon Station and I dated a girl that worked at the drugstore (NE corner). Had a major crush on a cashier at the Liberal (Cheryl Dearth) Clifford Jelly's house was across the street from the cascades at 428 Salem (next to the Marathon) Watched them haul dump truck after dump truck of sand into the back of the old theatre so the slanting theatre floor could be leveled and it could become a Vic & Moms Pizza King, even pounded down a few beers in Sully's, but it never once occurred to me to go into the Cascades. Guess I was too young and looking for someplace with more action..lol. Wish I had spent some time there and met Betty and some of the other people.

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Jul 24, 2014
12:25 PM
I grew up in Hell's Half Acre. All of my high school days were spent wit kids from North Dayton. How wonderful it was. Back then we all were more interested in being happy and just getting a good job when we graduated. My class, 1954, is having our 60th reunion the year. I will be there.
Dale Knipple
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Apr 30, 2015
7:35 PM
I was an NCR Field Engineer, and later Network Engineer, and over my 36-year career I must have spent 3 or more in training, just in Dayton, mostly in Building 26, and later in Miamisburg. My first training was on a mainframe computer, for nearly a year. I spent a LOT of time at Betty's, and she and her crew were like friends. Of course, I also spent a lot of money there too.

Big Red was a singer.
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May 01, 2015
12:21 AM
This blog as usual brings up interesting posts and individuals. I hadn’t been to this particular thread and had forgotten it for some time. TNX to Dale for joining us here. I just recently, through another subject, found several aerial views of that section of Salem and Grand and after zooming in, clearly shows that Liberal’s grocery and the Cascades. Also you can see the Marathon station across the street. It brought back a memory of that time when I lived on Central Avenue right behind the Cascades in the early 70’s. One day I found a little stray kitten on the doorstep of that Marathon, probably only a couple months old. I was living in an apartment then and that little kitten became my companion for the next few years. I have a picture of myself holding that beautiful kitten as an adult a few years later. I had named her “Cassie”. TNX to Dale for reviving that poignant memory of the past for me…..If anyone is interested in that aerial view of the Salem & Grand area, I can post it somewhere...

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Riverdale Ghost
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May 01, 2015
3:44 AM
I'm interested in a view of the kitten.
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May 01, 2015
4:20 AM
LOL, TNX RG, I can see you are a true lover of feline beauty. I will look for that picture and maybe put it on your website…….
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May 03, 2015
2:26 PM
RG, I think you may be able to get a view of my kitten from years ago by going to Facebook," Jacquesjoubert11@gmail.com” I am not up on all the current jargon and methods on social media. so please try it and let me know if you are successful. TNX in advance…….

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Riverdale Ghost
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May 03, 2015
3:28 PM

I tried running a facebook search on both what you posted and just the name. Came up with a bunch of stuff from South Africa and someone in Cincinnati. Saw no kitten or cat.
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May 03, 2015
8:49 PM
RG, Thank you for trying, as I said I’m new at all of the social media stuff, so I’ll try again…I’ll let you know when I come up with something else. Any suggestions from anyone else I would appreciate. I think there are some photo sharing sites on the internet that might work. I have a JPEG image to post…..
Riverdale Ghost
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May 05, 2015
6:13 AM

I'm finally back to this.

Facebook is set on supposedly legal (or near legal) names. Since millions of people have the same legal name (one reason for online identities -- to differentiate between John Smith "a" and John Smith "b") a facebook search using just a name will bring up a half dozen pages based on even very unusual names. If you start looking at them one by one, the order of appearance changes (and it's easy to get confused about where you have already looked).

If a person puts in ordinary profile information, like cities or schools, and leaves that as public, that shows up when the searched name "collection" is displayed and you can go by that. Once you get the right person, if he or she has left things like photos public, anyone can look through things like pictures that have been uploaded to facebook.

I don't know what language was turning up on the person that came up via the name you posted as your email account, but I know I looked over at least three "offerings." I'm guessing it's Afrikaans, and I don't think you are in South Africa. Then I gave up. I didn't see anything that suggested possibly Dayton except the one with the Cincinnati note, and that man was displaying his girlfriend, not a feline.

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May 06, 2015
12:45 AM
TNX, RG, for giving me a chuckle:). Like I said, I’m a neophyte when it comes to social media. Maybe I need to get the book “Facebook for Dummies”:). You seem to be conversant about social media sites, what do you think about Facebook and Twitter? My young relatives seem to be quite enamored with it. When I have got on it, I find it somewhat overwhelming, “TMI”; Too much Information! At any rate, I will eventually get the picture of my kitty from another posting; posted somewhere for you to see...

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Riverdale Ghost
527 posts
May 08, 2015
1:35 PM
I think this is getting too far off topic, but in a few words:

When Twitter started getting popular, I mentioned to a an online friend who knows a lot more than I do. He said he set up an account and then didn't see any sense in it. So, I never set up a Twitter account.

As for facebook, the people on the British board I visited kept mentioning it and another friend who also knows a lot more than I do had an account. So I set up one. I don't really get too involved in it beyond trying to stay in easy contact with a couple of friends.
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