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van dyne crotty
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luv my dayton
611 posts
Jun 16, 2014
8:59 AM
Does anyone remember this company? Believe they were in the business of providing and laundering shop towels and cloths. Seems they may have been located in the area of Dorothy lane heading toward springboro rd and not sure if they are still in business or if not when they went out.
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Jun 16, 2014
9:04 AM
luv my Dayton,
Yes I remember them. They supplied work clothes to meat packing companies back in the sixties. Not sure if they are still around. Kind of a neat name.
205 posts
Jun 16, 2014
9:38 AM
Van Dyne Crotty was located on Richard St., between St. Nicholas and Linden Ave., during the 50s and early 60s. I remember the orange International Semi trucks with white Fruhauf trailers, and lint fires they had occasionally on the roof. They relocated off Troy St., and as I recall, were bought out by Centas. I remember the jingle they had " Theres a service for you and your company, be sure to call Van Dyne Crotty." Their delivery trucks were white over orange step vans. I don't remember them being on Dorothy Lane, but they could have been.

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Jun 16, 2014
9:54 AM
I remember the shop towels very much. My Dad used them where he worked.
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Jun 16, 2014
4:33 PM
Yep, slurped up by another publically held company. I can remember them when they had little more than those old burnt orange shop towels, door mats and a few lines of heavy duty shop clothes/coveralls. They expanded way past their old industrial line in the latter years. I was going to say that it seemed like their old plant/laundry was on Leo somewhere, I'll stand corrected. Does anybody remember the old Bluebird bakery on Leo?
luv my dayton
615 posts
Jun 16, 2014
5:35 PM
Funny you should mention Blue Bird Pies as my ex husband was a barber stylist and one of his customers was from there and would bring him a couple of pies in lieu of tip. Made him and the family very happy. An employee of Esther Price did the same with a box of chocolates which made Me really happy!

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