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Dayton Memories > Emerson Elementary on Hickory St
Emerson Elementary on Hickory St
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Larry Stacy
1 post
Oct 17, 2014
7:27 AM
Anybody on here go to Emerson in the mid 70's ? I was in the fifth grade in 75-76
Larry Stacy
2 posts
Oct 17, 2014
7:28 AM
My sister Teresa was 1 year behind me.
20 posts
Oct 22, 2014
1:19 AM
Hi. This won't help I'm afraid but my daughters went to Emerson back in the early 70s.

Sarah Jodi and Judi Davis.
Have you tried Classmates?
Good luck with your search.
Connie Ward Lee
Larry Stacy
4 posts
Oct 28, 2014
9:07 AM
Thanks cjlee. I tried classmates but it hasn't helped too much. We moved from Germantown to Dayton in the fall of 74 to Jones St off Wayne Ave. Then moved back in the summer of 76. Made a few friends and was thinking back about living there. We used to cross the pedestrian bridge over 35 to go to school or walk down Wayne ave. Some or the names I can remember are Willis Taylor, Will Back, Sara Watkins, Debbie Smith. Thanks for your help though.

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