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Dayton Memories > Rike's Santa Sleigh and Reindeer
Rike's Santa Sleigh and Reindeer
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Dec 02, 2014
11:54 AM
I've seen a good number of outdoor commercial Christmas displays over the years, but I don't think that I've seen any that can equal the one Rike's displayed at the corner of its building around Second and Main. Pictures of it can be found elsewhere on this site. It featured a snow-covered housetop placed atop the permanent awning on Second Street. Santa's sleigh was posed alighting into the air with a team of reindeer attached to the building facade in increasing heights around the building from Second onto Main Street. It was very creative. I wonder when it was first displayed, who designed it and what became of it. Anyone?

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luv my dayton
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Dec 02, 2014
5:16 PM
Seems like around courthouse square someone has some of the old window display and was using it. Maybe someone on here can clear that up for us. As for the Santa and sleigh that was retired.

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Dec 02, 2014
6:31 PM
I was thinking that some of the displays were being shown over at the Schuster Center. Not sure of any of the details but I believe I saw it on the local news the other day...

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Dec 03, 2014
6:43 AM
Many of the old Rike’s displays are on display in the lobby of the Schuster Center during the Xmas season. Some of them have had to be renovated do to wear and tear over the years but are fairly similar to the originals. A good time to see them is if you attend the annual Nutcracker presentation at the Schuster during December…...

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