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5th st postoffice
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luv my dayton
749 posts
Dec 05, 2014
9:50 AM
Was glad to hear of the postponing the closing of this post office. What are people thinking when Columbus is a better location. I run down there many times for mailings as its closer than driving into Kettering to do business. During the busy seasons its a long wait in the small places. This branch is in excellent condition and we need to keep it going. Many people in the area would be losing their jobs.
451 posts
Dec 05, 2014
1:22 PM
I think with the economy improving the post office is more in need of space. They see the resurgence of Dayton and say not so fast!
200 posts
Dec 05, 2014
5:09 PM
I do my best to keep the Post Office running. I won't do online bill pay. Send me a bill. I will write a check and mail it. It is very convenient having the 5th street post office. Hope it stays.

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