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Dayton Memories > gunthers barber shop on Far hills
gunthers barber shop on Far hills
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luv my dayton
750 posts
Dec 06, 2014
1:10 PM
Anyone remember many years ago a shop that was in an old house or attached to the side? Owner was Jim Gunther and it later became Schurmans and moved up the street. Believe it is a building on its own and close to an insurance office. Further up getting into Kettering was a small shop called Harold's and was around Baumers near st. Albert church. The shop had haircuts for 2.50 and were really good.
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Dec 09, 2014
11:56 AM
LMD : Was Gunther's shop in Oakwood, almost across the boulevard from the Far Hills Theater? Or, at least in that vicinity? I used to go to a barber shop in that vicinity, back in the 70's, perhaps into the 80's. One of the barbers at that shop, who was a long-time employee, had a very strange hunting accident one year, and was off work for many weeks/months. As I recall, he had taken aim at a deer, and across the field from him was a cousin, who had taken aim at the same deer. The cousin's shot missed the deer, but struck the barber's thumb, which was still resting atop his rifle. The thumb was shoved back into the barber's arm, and did major damage to all of the bones in his arm. Yet, he was able to return to barbering, but I don't remember the length of time he had to endure for rehab.
luv my dayton
756 posts
Dec 09, 2014
7:20 PM
The original shop was down where first financial bank is and think Jim Gunther moved to new location across from the theatre. It was sold to- Paul Schurman who owned it for years. Shop still going strong but have no idea who manages now. Do remember that story which was true but forget which barber it happened to. The guy shot was actually raising his hand to let his buddy know he was close but shot went off and hit him.

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joey m
277 posts
Dec 10, 2014
12:36 PM
LMD One of my beat friends cut hair at the shop next to Baumers. That was in the 50s. And he later cut hair at a shop in the Arcade and yes he was a very good barber. And I've mentioned it here before and Baumer's had Turtle sop that was out of this world. All their food was very good. Wish I could find a good Turtle soup in this area.
luv my dayton
757 posts
Dec 10, 2014
8:30 PM
Mom would take us kids up to Baumer and that's when we got hooked on turtle soup. Chili was pretty good too as was anything you ordered. Also. a place a couple doors up called the Cheese man and you could buy your lunch meats and cheeses or any sandwich you wanted. Of course Bolsers was across the road and for those of us who lived around there could grab a bite to eat b walking there. We were surrounded with good food.

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Dec 11, 2014
1:36 PM
Good beef hot shots at Baumers made with home fries.Gunthers was actually across from Oakwood club and then moved south and doubled the amount of chairs.Very popular with ud hoops players back in the day.Forgot about Connie the cheese man.The whole area was neat and you could walk every where or take a bus.
joey m
282 posts
Dec 12, 2014
8:12 AM
olds88 I used to go to Wonderly Park and play basketball there. I was friends with Don May and he played there a lot. I just remember how tough it was to stay on the court and play because of the competition. Is that the same court you were talking about. "GREAT MEMORIES"
joey m
283 posts
Dec 12, 2014
8:13 AM
olds88 I used to go to Wonderly Park and play basketball there. I was friends with Don May and he played there a lot. I just remember how tough it was to stay on the court and play because of the competition. Is that the same court you were talking about. "GREAT MEMORIES"
luv my dayton
758 posts
Dec 12, 2014
3:55 PM
Gosh folks I spent many years of my life either being the little girls who's mother took us there regularly back in mid 50s. For a few years my sister and I old enough to walk there ourselves. Later years it was the grandchildren who got to go with grandpa and grandma but those adventures stopped when kids got too old. Olds88 and joey probably were there just didn't know one another back then. That was the neighborhood of Phil Bauer, Bill Bretcher, Dave Simon'George Karras and am sure you all met up there for some basketball. By the way olds,went through the old neighborhood today as oldest daughter never
Saw her grandparents home there. A lot of good memories and nice people I met from oakwood.Forgot to mention my 3 daughters spent many days at wonderly also.

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joey m
287 posts
Dec 15, 2014
9:28 AM
LMD Good post! Thank you!
99 posts
Dec 16, 2014
12:05 PM
JoeyM: I, too, was a Wonderly Park regular. I posted here some time back about my experience, one summer evening, of having to guard, and be guarded by, Don May (I had to swallow a few baskeballs, being swatted in my face by DM). He was there with Bill Hoskett, and the rest of the Belmont HS team that would win the state championship the following season. I would usually be there with guys like Dave McCormick, Frank Sarmir, Bob Speece, Mike Mote. There was a "bit older" guy named "Alby" (very large individual). Wow, that was ions ago, and so much fun.

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286 posts
Dec 16, 2014
1:38 PM
JJ-ithink I remember Bob Speese I believe he lived across from park.I believe I knew mikes sister Karen.Do you remember metal nets and the noise the ball would go through?
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Dec 17, 2014
1:21 PM
Olds88: Bob Speece actually lived at the corner of East Drive and Delaine. He married Cathy Shultz, who lived on Orchard Dr. Her brother, Bob, used to play basketball at Wonderly, also. And, yes, I do remember those metal nets. I hit them with the basketball more than I hit the rims. I think Mike Mote only had one sibling, a brother.
JoeyM: Shame on me - I didn't remember that fact.
Do you guys remember Mr. Bergen (I believe that was his name; we called him "Mr. B"). He had a son we called "Hap". "Mr. B" went up for a rebound one day, and came down with the ball, then collapsed on the court, suffering a fatal heart attack.

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