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Old River/NCR
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Dec 16, 2014
9:27 AM
I am new here so if this has been covered in a previous blog please forgive me, but who remembers going swimming and/or canoeing at Old River?
luv my dayton
764 posts
Dec 16, 2014
11:17 AM
Lived there or at least it seemed as a kid.I lived in a neighborhood where many family's had a parent who worked there so I was invited to go many times. Wonderful,safe place to spend the day and did the miniature golf, went to movies that were shown. Mostly we went swimming and kept showing up at the snack bar. At one time they had fireworks inside the park. Many other things could be done. The clubhouse is all that is left and sits there looking really lonely. Wonderful memories. You are correct there was a thread way back and will locate it for you just for your entertainment.There are many younger people on here now and glad for the new input.

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luv my dayton
765 posts
Dec 16, 2014
11:37 AM
Clamper: go to the category column and choose site search and key in NCR old river. A lot you may be interested in.
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Dec 16, 2014
2:25 PM
will do, thanks! Although I wouldn't call 63 young!

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joey m
291 posts
Dec 18, 2014
8:39 AM
LMD& clamper I lived across the Stewart St. bridge in Edgemont and my best friend and I would go there almost every day and stand outside the gate and wait for someone to come and let us go in on their pass. And it was amazing how kind people were and usually didn't take long to get in. I remember the pool mostly but always remember feeding the huge carp off the bridge popcorn. They had miniture golf, shuffle boards and giant checkers too. GREAT MEMORIES

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