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Favorite Penn Station
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Steve K
246 posts
Dec 24, 2014
8:08 AM
I thought they were all exactly the same
90 posts
Dec 24, 2014
10:31 AM
Isn't that like asking which is your favorite McDonalds ?
luv my dayton
771 posts
Dec 25, 2014
7:28 PM
Am assuming if you are a Penn customer all of them would be fine for you. As for me have never been to one.
457 posts
Dec 26, 2014
7:16 AM
Try one out. They serve a delicious steak sandwich.Hope you had a nice Christmas.
joey m
292 posts
Dec 26, 2014
12:28 PM
20 posts
Jan 06, 2015
9:18 AM
I love all of them (their chicken teriyaki sub is the best sandwich in all of creation) but I'm quite partial to Huber Heights.
joey m
299 posts
Jan 06, 2015
9:26 AM
HUH! Again.

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