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Dayton Memories > Anyone remember the fruit stands So.of Dayton
Anyone remember the fruit stands So.of Dayton
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Jan 02, 2015
8:32 AM
Please tell us about your summertime places to buy things.My wife`s family used to have quite a few around the south end of Dayton. One on Woodman drive right before it meets Wilmington Pike. One on 725 right next to where the shell station is by Bellbrook. One at the Very end of Dorothy lane where it ended at the Old Springboro Pike Rd(Cross all the tracks) and the one they still run out on Patterson Rd in Beavercreek. Its good to have a country place to go to get your summertime favorites

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luv my dayton
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Jan 02, 2015
9:22 AM
We used to have one on Wilmington pike in the vicinity where meijers is now. Neighbors of ours set it up every season. I now go to the one way out Wilmington off the parking lot at the Walgreens. They have excellent produce. Years ago you had a lot more farm markets. The local farm market down off third and Webster has good produce also. Remember when people had fruit trees and you could buy bushels of peaches,apples,pears? When I was a kid in the east end we had a peach tree in our yard and many people had grape arbors. Good memories of times past.
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Jan 02, 2015
12:36 PM
LMD-Used to walk out my back door to the stand at Wilmington and stroop.Monkey Millers on Far Hills had a open air market next to his store.and DLM had theirs at Far hills and Dorothy lane prior to 57.
luv my dayton
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Jan 05, 2015
8:58 AM
olds88 you probably lived really close to the family that had the stand there as they lived in middle of first block of kingswood. Was visiting my neighbor across the street from me on glaser and saw out her kitchen window some of the family knocking the stuffing out of one of the members.Kind of a rough bunch.

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Mar 29, 2015
1:08 PM
Along the river between Wear Carrolton & Miamisburg there were fruit & veg stands during 60's. That road might be called old 725

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