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Old Dayton Hotels
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Jan 09, 2015
6:44 AM
Anyone have any info about old Dayton Hotels? In relation to this Rod Taylor has just died. My favorite movie of his was HOTEL>
luv my dayton
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Jan 09, 2015
6:42 PM
Maybe this info will give you a start.Phillips House built 1850. Located at Third and Main. Beckel House 1853 at Third and Jefferson and burnt down. Algonquin 1899 Third and Ludlow,Miami Hotel 1925 at Second and Ludlow. Biltmore was 1929. Van Cleve is now housing for the elderly.Crown Plaza and Dayton Grand Hotel still around. Somewhere in there was an Atlas hotel. Hope this helps give you a start and may have missed a few.
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Jan 10, 2015
7:40 AM
The Biltmore is now senior housing as is the Holden (SW corner 5th and Wilkinson). The Miami (NE corner of 2nd and Ludlow became part of Rike's - demolished for Shuster Ctr.). The Van Cleve (SE corner of 1st and Ludlow) was demolished and left as a parking lot for many years. The Algonguin (SW corner of 3rd and Ludlow) went through many transformations (Hotel Gibson during the '50's and 60's), The Moraine Hotel was just recently demolished along with the newer part of the Daily News Bldg. (west side of Ludlow between 3rd and 4th)
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Jan 11, 2015
5:34 AM
I remember the Van Cleve hotel had a good Ballroom for Dinner and Dancing. Mike Hauer was in charge of the music for several years there. My Father played Tenor Sax and Clarinet in a US Air Force Dance Band, and when he got out in 1947, Mike took him on as a sideman. He told of one Friday night they were playing, when during the first break, Mike said he had some new music on the bandstand music racks they were going to play when the break was over and there would be a new girl group to sing about 6 songs. Turns out it was The MaGuire Sisters from Middletown. They had just signed with Coral Records and some industry people wanted to hear them live. Dad said they came up and played several songs and were very good. He also said they were very friendly and when it was over they came over and talked to the band for a few minutes. After that, he bought every album they put out for a while !
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Jan 12, 2015
1:22 PM
Trolley Fan,
Is the old Trolley Bus route map available for Atlanta?
What did Atlanta have in old Amusment Parks?
Thanks newsnot
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Jan 12, 2015
7:13 PM
Until they built Six Flags Over Atlanta in 1965, the only real old time amusement park in Atlanta was the Fulton County Fairgrounds. The amusement park part was off by itself and then the fairground part was off to the side of it. The roller coaster was called the greyhound, and if you remember Smokey & The Bandit part 2, when everybody was chasing bandit, they came into the amusment park, hit the roller coaster and it fell down. That was really the Greyhound that they used to film that scene. They were tearing it down anyway so incorporated it into the movie. There is a trolley bus route available through the MARTA archives who now owns the right to all the old stuff. They used to be called Metro Atlanta Transit Authority.

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