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gallaghers drug store
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Jan 13, 2015
2:49 PM
My mom worked at the one I believe 4th and main 1958 to 1959 her name was Willa jean martin she was there I year or so she quit to have my brother
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Jan 16, 2015
8:55 AM
I think my mother mentioned a Wilma. My mom worked there up until I was born in 1960.
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Jan 16, 2015
11:21 AM
There was one on North Main St near Norman Avenue in the 50s and 60s. Hawks and I used to go there a lot! Back in the days of the mom and pop grocery stores.
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Jan 16, 2015
4:51 PM
There was one in the middle of Belmont till the mid 60's. I believe it was on the other side of the alley from the movie theatre. I used to go in there when I was a kid. It had a great soda fountain with a Wurlitzer 78 rpm jukebox and the booths were in a kinda circle around it with stools at the fountain itself. I remember in the old days they featured Molers Ice Cream and sometime around 60 or 61 changed to Gem City Ice Cream. They sold 45 RPM records, kites, and other cool toys. Too bad those days are gone.
Riverdale Ghost
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Jan 23, 2015
6:42 AM
Just thought I'd fix this while I was in here suffering with the site. :-)

The name of the company was Gallaher's.
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Jan 23, 2015
12:12 PM
Ibelieve the owners of Gallahers was a family named Wood.There son Kent ran the Far hills store for a while if I remember correctly.
Riverdale Ghost
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Jan 23, 2015
3:53 PM
Well then who was the J. Frank Gallaher with 52 stores? I can't see that they owned Revco as I thought that was based in Twinsburg which is near Cleveland.
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