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WING Radio promotions
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43 posts
Jan 21, 2015
2:39 PM
Anybody remember the "Vote No Bullfights in Dayton" campaign that WING ran back in the 60's? I still have my campaign button. They were always doing something to get attention, but that one was just way out there? I think it was "Gene By-Golly" Barry supposedly arguing with one of the other DJ's. I miss the silliness on radio. You just don't get that today. Too busy hearing about overdoses and rehab to take the time to have fun.
44 posts
Jan 21, 2015
2:39 PM
Other DJ might have been Steve Kirk.........
68 posts
Jan 22, 2015
6:22 PM
I remember them claiming someone stole the W from their call sign. They even edited there jingles to omit it. They would drop daily clues as to where it could be found while offering a reward. Seems to me it was found on a billboard or something similar.

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