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Pedros chili
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Jan 21, 2015
9:37 PM
Im trying to remember pedros chili growing up. Does anyone remember or have any stories to share. I thought it was located by wagoner ford rd?

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Jan 22, 2015
6:18 AM
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Feb 04, 2015
7:29 PM
I worked at Pedro's Chili House in the summer months during HS and college years as a cook when my family owned and operated it. It was on N. Dixie Drive at the North Plaza strip mall near Ridge ave. It was not far from Wagner Ford Rd.

We made tummy busters and Cincinnati chili, but my favorite was a coney dog with cheese. The buns were steamed and soft, and the chili was full of flavor.
We'd occasionally get large orders from the AC Delco GM Factory on Wagner Ford Rd. and we'd work frantically to fill the orders in time.
A story we were told was that at some point before we bought the business, Pedro's Chili was in a competition with Skyline and Goldstar Chili, and Pedro's got the blue ribbon. Unfortunately I don't know what the name of the competition was or when it happened.

Eventually my family sold the business, I graduated from college, joined the US Air Force and moved out of state. I occasionally make the chili at home and still savor the rich flavors of the chili.
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Feb 05, 2015
9:29 AM
hi swanny,
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May 03, 2015
12:12 PM
Oh my goodness, how we loved Pedro's! My dad would take us there once a week after my accordion lessons, and we would always order 5 ways. We loved the owner, who would always tease my little brother about how he said "Basghetti". To this day I still think of Pedro's often, and even remember the taste of it! Soooo much better than Skyline or Goldstar. I'd give anything to go back in time and eat there again with my Dad and brother.

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