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Favorite pizza
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69 posts
Jan 22, 2015
6:26 PM
I must admit I am going into this with a absolute bias towards Vic Cassano and Mom Donisi but mostly that is because I am 63 years old and can't remember too many others. We used to always go to the one at Dorothy Lane and Blackhawk Rd
497 posts
Jan 22, 2015
6:34 PM
I like Stefanos in Middletown.
261 posts
Jan 22, 2015
11:45 PM
Whenever I visit my family in the Dayton area, I usually try to include a stop at Marion's Pizza, usually the one in Englewood.
548 posts
Jan 23, 2015
5:43 AM
Marion's or Wei's on Salem Avenue.
499 posts
Jan 23, 2015
7:10 AM
Dorthy Lane Markets have good pizza.COSTCO has low priced pizza at their "food court". low priced but not the best.
Paula fishman
32 posts
Jan 23, 2015
8:45 AM
My sister dated a Catholic boy in high school who could not eat meat on Fridays. I remember them going to Sams Pizza Cottage on Salem and getting a Tuna pizza!! My uncle knew Marion Glass and when my uncle returned from WWII he was asked to go into the pizza business with him. My grandparents owed a sweet shop and a bar in North Dayton so my uncle knew a lot about running a food business. His reply was "who in Dayton knows what pizza is." Needless to say my uncle turned him down and the rest is history.
joey m
311 posts
Jan 23, 2015
10:00 AM
Joe's on Airway Rd. and Rons in Miamisburg. And if you want a pizza that is closest to the old Cassanos Pizz,a Ron's and Marions is it. I was in the business for 30 years and knew Vic Ron and Marion. Both Ron and Marion were managers for Vic and they both made their pizzas very similar to Vics.
23 posts
Jan 23, 2015
1:50 PM
Marion's is SO good and I do enjoy Rocky's Pizza Ring in Beavercreek.
89 posts
Jan 23, 2015
4:51 PM
I'm 69 years old and to me Vic Cassano's can't be beat. I think it the thin crust, but it's not crunchy, and I've never had a Pizza that I liked as well with the exception of Marion's which is almost as good. I like the one in Town & Country Shopping Center and the one in Centerville, just down a few miles on Rt 48. I live in Atlanta and the best pizza down here SUCKS ! The closest thing we had to a Dayton Pizza was several years ago, Danata's built several down here in Atlanta. I liked them a lot, but a year later, they were all gone, yet Papa John and all the other crap pizza's are still going strong. Now we have Marco's out of Ohio. They suck ! Would somebody go tell Cassanos or Marions to come to Atlanta and show these southerners what real pizza tastes like ! Thank You ! YES ! This is a public service announcement !
216 posts
Jan 23, 2015
5:09 PM
No contest. Cassano's.
176 posts
Jan 23, 2015
7:15 PM
My all time favorite is Sam's on Salem Ave., but all gone. Marion's is close. Vic & Mom's is OK. I live in Florida now and the pizza here sucks. It is awful. We do have a Marco's in town. I looked into it and it is a franchise business in Cleveland. It is OK, but just not the Dayton quality.
264 posts
Jan 23, 2015
11:12 PM
Nile and trolleyfan - I live in Central Florida, and I love the pizza I get from Marco's. Maybe it makes a difference what type of crust and toppings you order, although I agree that it is quite a bit different than the Cassano's/Marion's experience.
115 posts
Jan 24, 2015
6:35 AM
Cassano's, El grecos, Rocky's pizza ring And Marions. Oh I forgot Ron's and Joes!!! Heck Dayton is just Blessed with the best pizza!

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272 posts
Jan 24, 2015
9:07 AM
My favorite pizza would be Joe's Pizza on Airway Rd.
#2 Marion's #3 Cassano's #4 El Greko's #5 Tiny Tim's (when it was at East Third and Findlay Sts. #6 Dino's Pizza, on Wayne Ave.
90 posts
Jan 24, 2015
10:27 AM
I read an article several years ago in a food culture magazine, and it pointed out basic differences in pizza around the country. They actually have a category called Dayton Ohio Style Pizza. Seems there was an Italian family from Northern Italy that was instrumental in bringing Pizza to the states as a common food. They lived around Wilmington and Stroop Road during WW2. They helped both Vic & Mom as well as Marion Glass develope the recipies for the pies. I remember the first Pizza I had was a little take out on Wilmington next to where Air City Janitorial is now. That was the original families personal shop.After a few months we would order our Pizza from Cassano;s from their location across route 48 (Far Hills Road) from Town & Country Shopping Center. Both chains were successful, and still are, so of course a lot of others emulated them, thus, the Dayton Style Pizza. There is also a very good Pizza House in Fairborn called Giovani's (spelling ? ) Tastes a lot like Marions & Cassano's
5 posts
Jan 25, 2015
7:21 PM
Marion's Pizza (Wilmington Pike)
61 posts
May 14, 2015
10:46 AM
Flying Pizza was always good, but I probably had low brow tastes back then. It was not low enough to notice the occasional hair in a Cassanos pizza though! Also Pizza Hut was/is about as bad as it gets.

There was a frozen pizza called Bravissimo a few years back. Had natural cheese regarding the rennet. Never had a pizza like that before or since.

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blue J
195 posts
May 14, 2015
1:54 PM
I'm with trolleyfan- Cassano's is top. I also love Marion's and Milano's as well. But I can gorge myself on a Cassano's pizza more than any other, hahaha...

(and I have the good fortune to still live in the area). ;)
luv my dayton
982 posts
May 14, 2015
2:17 PM
Have tried others but Marions still my favorite.
379 posts
May 14, 2015
3:35 PM
Used to enjoy Rick's Pizza on Spinning, but it changed hands at least a couple times before folding a few years ago. There's a computer repair business in its place now.

Beavercreek Pizza Dive, at the intersection of Grange Hall and Dayton-Xenia, is a mom & pop place owned by a young couple. It's a relatively small place that does primarily carry-out, but I like their dine-in lunch specials. They also have a Monday night buffet that is outstanding, but very crowded. Good pizza, I'd call it New York style, but their signature pizza is a massive, stuffed pie called "The Bomber". I highly recommend it.
blue J
196 posts
May 15, 2015
9:00 AM
I need to try that Beavercreek Pizza Dive. I've been aware of it for a little while, and it sounds really good. I live on the opposite end of Beavercreek from there, the east end. But it's still not that far.
Bryan Jackson
2 posts
May 15, 2015
8:01 PM
I spent 1/3 of my life from birth to adulthood in Dayton and the only thing I can ever remember was "Vic Cassano's Mom Denies" pizza. Of course there was also Angelina's (Kettering - Moraine) so whats there and available now I really couldn't not say with any authority but if those two establishments are still doing business, I can't see how anyone could beat either if them. I'm now 58, I ate those pizzas since I was 5 or so, so that means i was born in 57 for math majors.

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