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Jed's Steak and Ribs
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9 posts
Feb 06, 2015
2:30 AM
Located on Dorothy Lane @ Ackerman. Anyone remember?
luv my dayton
845 posts
Feb 06, 2015
2:39 AM
Do remember Jebs but not sure of the location.There were so many places to eat at one time it was hard to keep up with them.
116 posts
Feb 06, 2015
6:02 AM
I worked for Jed's from 1975 to 1977. the one I worked for was on free pike
Great food Bad boss.

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Paula fishman
34 posts
Feb 06, 2015
6:23 AM
Wasn't Jed's opened by a local group as competition for Pondarosa's?
joey m
320 posts
Feb 06, 2015
8:01 AM
Jeds was owned by the Ankney's. Pete Ankney coached at Fairmont as the head football coack. He later was hired by the University of Dayton as head coach. He had a nickname of Punchy Pete and don't ask me where that came from. I think it was him and his brother but not sure.
joey m
321 posts
Feb 06, 2015
8:04 AM
I thought food was good and especially their salad bar and their baked beans. And yes it was on Dorothy Lane @ Ackerman. Seems like they had another location.
329 posts
Feb 06, 2015
9:26 AM
Iam pretty sure there was a Jeds on 725 where Goodwill outlet is now.
139 posts
Feb 06, 2015
11:41 AM
I grew up in Trotwood and we always went to the one on Free Pike not far from Salem and Gettysburg. I loved their ribs, salad bar and texas toast. I really miss them. Later when I moved to Kettering, I found there was one on Dorothy Lane and one out by the Dayton Mall. I wish they were still around.
21 posts
Mar 29, 2015
12:49 PM
I lived close to the one on Dorothy Ln. My friends sister worked there. Pretty good food as I remember.
52 posts
Mar 29, 2015
2:23 PM
The one on N. Broad in Fairborn had the best BBQ chicken I've ever eaten. There was another in Beavercreek near Lofino's which had really good lunches. I was sorry when they closed, I think around 1987. All went of them under at once.

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