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Dayton Memories > businesses along Troy st in 60s
businesses along Troy st in 60s
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luv my dayton
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Feb 07, 2015
8:32 AM
Haven't been out that way in years but do remember a barber shop called Brittinghams and owner may have been Jim. Have no idea if it is still a shop and what businesses are in the area. Do remember eating at a place called Kuntz cafeteria which was if I recall at the other end of Troy st. Someone on here can straighten out any errors I move made.
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Feb 09, 2015
12:16 PM
There was a Vic Cassano’s across from Jim’s Barber Shop. Just north of Jim’s was Clines department Store, which was a small clothing and shoe store. Also, the Sip and Nip Bar was in this area.
The Cassano’s once was an old Kroger Store. Cassano’s also used this building for a warehouse for their other stores.
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Mar 17, 2015
7:47 AM
Does anyone remember the little ice cream stand on Troy St. in front of Kiser school?
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Mar 17, 2015
3:03 PM
The Ice Cream Stand by Kiser school was the Dairy Isle. It was owned by Ernie Finley. I worked there for a while when I was in school. This was from 1958 to 1960.

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