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Daniels Park Row
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luv my dayton
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Feb 09, 2015
6:19 AM
This place was somewhat up scale and in the same area of some of the other places just talked about. It was on property next to the bank and believe there is a Tim Horton's there now. Was on Patterson rd across from where the Hookah bar is now.
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Feb 09, 2015
6:23 AM
I remember this place. When I worked at DESC, we went there for lunch a few times and even had retirement luncheons there. The food was very good. And yes, it was exactly where Tim Horton's is now. They had a green and white canopy out front.
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Feb 09, 2015
12:01 PM
Just for historys sake ill through in a tid bit.Between the original Park Row and when it became Daniels,Ray Stewart helped a fellow named John Lane open up park row.Stewart already had Oakwood club moving along very well and John was a good customer.Paul Tipps had areal estate office where the starbucks is now on far hills.Lane,bob demarco and several ex-ud jocks worked for Tipps and hung out at the Oakwood club.That version of Park row did not last long.
joey m
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Feb 09, 2015
2:38 PM
olds88 I forgot about John Lane owning Park Row but I knew Lane and was familiar with DeMarco who was a good football player for UD. Cant remember if Lane was a decent player. Ray Stewart was really a nice guy. When I was in school at Chaminade I used to hang at a couple pool halls in downtown Dayton. Red White & Blue and Koors 29 were two of them and there was another that was in the basement of a real nice bar that was on W. 4th St. in the two hundred block. It had a billiard table a snooker table and a 4x8 pool table. Well thats where I first met Ray Stewart and I would watch himshoot billiards with a couple guys and they were all very good players. There was one in particular who was the best billiard player of all of them. His name was George Rood and he was the State Champion in straight pool and one of the best in the country. But Ray Stewart was no slouch. GREAT MEMORIES
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Feb 10, 2015
6:43 PM
Just a comment about Park Row. I spent many an enjoyable lunch there and it was also a favorite of the WHIO-TV staff as there station was right up the street. A good friend of mine, Rick Smith, who was an announcer at the station,(now deceased unfortunately) we had many great lunches there...

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