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Dayton Memories > anyone remember The Butcher Block
anyone remember The Butcher Block
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luv my dayton
856 posts
Feb 12, 2015
3:55 PM
There was for many years a place called butcher block meats and deli. A little shop back off south Dixie in a residential area. My daughter lived on Crescent blvd directly across the street and found it convenient to shop daily for dinner. I would head there on my way home from work and my parents would drive down for their meats. The owner got I'll and passed away and closed down but building stayed. Was in the area the other day and saw activity which made me stop. Found out it will be back with new owners. Hopefully they do well but its so close to the Walmart it may be hard to stay in business but will give them a try.
343 posts
Feb 13, 2015
7:01 AM
Do not remember this butcher, but was curious if anyone knows the name of the butcher shop that was located at the intersection of Dorothy Ln and Wilmington? The building sat just about where the new McDonald's is currently, and I think there was a water bed store in the building some years after the butcher closed. My mom always got her soup bones at this butcher, think he gave them to her free of charge.
luv my dayton
857 posts
Feb 13, 2015
7:34 AM
This was a subject awhile back but don't know where the thread may be. Think olds 88 may have the answer as know exactly the place you mention but not the name. Will look for an old thread and refer you to it as think it was on old one on meat markets and lockers. Was an interesting read.
luv my dayton
858 posts
Feb 13, 2015
7:49 AM
Located the information Calhoun on pg 22 under the stockyard inn thread.
344 posts
Feb 13, 2015
8:18 AM
Thanks lmd, had forgotten I was part of a discussion on this butcher previously. But yes, it was Ryan's.
joey m
327 posts
Feb 13, 2015
8:46 AM
The Butcher Block I think your talking about was in the Hills & Dales area. If you turned on the street next to Murray's Bar on S. Dixie and drove about 2 or 3 blocks it came into a merging of 3 streets and it was on your left. My dad ran the city golf courses and in the summer I would go into work with him to Community Golf Course to caddy. And this store was up the street from the golf course. Stopped in there a lot for pop and candy. GREAT MEMORIES.

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