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Dukes Golden Ox
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Feb 12, 2015
10:59 PM
I was Duke's last paying customer when he closed around 2003. I think his name Was Duke Zennie Morris. My 1st professional job as stockbroker I just began to know Duke in '91-'92. Duke the "tough" guy former Marine and boxer became one of best friends I ever had. His steaks were best-you better have told Duke.
My family met him and and a couple girlfriend's I had got to eat his steaks. We were friends until he died in 2013.
On May 6th '92 my mgr was to bartender and wanted the office to be at Duke's. We'll, the mgr wrote Duke a bad check.
During the LA riots May 6th 1992 in Dayton Duke also heard I was beaten up by my manager-CLARK J..I actually was fine- I went to Fairborn FB Singles retreat. (I was was at church retreat in Steubenville, so I was not able to be in Dayton that day.) Duke, when my manager got obnoxious to customers and obscene - Duke threw him out of his resturant. A fight broke out- Duke at 58 Clark at 33yrs- both retired boxers. Duke won out. Yet, when I heard I gave Duke the personal phone # to my boss's boss- Mr. Hodge. My mgr had to leave town that Monday morning- all the way to Cedar Rapids! I hope to see Duke again- Heaven - we helped each other down here!!
joey m
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Feb 13, 2015
9:11 AM
Copperhead Duke his brother Ray and sisters Shirley & Gloria were good friends of mine. Went to same grade school with all of them. Knew Shirley the best matter of fact she worked for Duke for quite a while. We were good friends until she passed. I was also good friends with Shirley's husband Reese and their boys.
joey m
330 posts
Feb 13, 2015
9:15 AM
Copperhead sounds like your a Christian. That's "Good News".
Steve K
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Feb 14, 2015
8:14 AM
I remember being at the bar at Duke's maybe 35 years ago, when two guys ordered their steaks "well done". Duke came out of the kitchen and made them both leave, because they'd insulted him! I'll never forget the look on their faces when he threw them out .
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Feb 14, 2015
8:38 PM
Duke will always be a friend- words shared will often come to mind.
Hope Duke was a Christian. Trust he was because he told me Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller came to talk theology several times on trips to Dayton.
Duke had struggles but was friend- truly putting heart in lives of his customers. If more Christians would show friendships: loyalty, memory and patriotism and courage to be small businessman- we would have a Great Awakening. Once watch "Tough Guys" with Duke with several customers.

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