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Dayton Memories > Anyone Remember the Kender Bar on Westside?
Anyone Remember the Kender Bar on Westside?
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Feb 13, 2015
3:56 PM
There used to be a family of Hungarians, in the 20s-30s & 50 and maybe even still living who had a bar on W. Third Street close to Broadway. Some of us older bloggers may remember it and the family. I realize Fran Kender used to post on this blog, but not sure what happen to her. She was a member of that family. I used to be friends with a member name Paul Kender. Anyone have any updates on this family? Thank you.
luv my dayton
862 posts
Feb 13, 2015
5:07 PM
Go to site search and key kender family a lot of info and maybe a few pics.
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Feb 15, 2015
2:42 PM
Go to Dayton Images/Videos and select Neighborhoods of Dayton West Side. Some pictures of the Kenders are there.
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Feb 15, 2015
3:07 PM
Luv & RR52c, thanks for the suggestions. I have been to those sights, thought there may be someone blogging with us who may have later info...thanks again.
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Feb 16, 2015
5:47 AM
When I was in high school (Chaminade class of 1970) and college (UD class of 1973), I worked at the ice house (City Ice) which was located at 1234 W. Third Street, right across the street from Kender's Bar. I think that by that time, Kender's Bar had seen better days, and there always seemed to be a number of "ladies of the evening" loitering around outside the bar.
luv my dayton
869 posts
Feb 16, 2015
7:37 PM
if you go to the images and videos and then to the 50s photos you will find some photos of the Kenders. Looks like one was taken inside the bar.

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