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Dayton Memories > Bernie's Music & Pawn Shop, Downtown
Bernie's Music & Pawn Shop, Downtown
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Feb 14, 2015
7:57 PM
Anyone remember this iconic music store from the late 60s through 70s (maybe even later)? I think it was originally on Jefferson Street, maybe near Century Bar (could be wrong about that), and then moved to Second Street, next door to another more run of the mill pawn shop, just down from the Libary).

Bernie's began as a pawn shop, but then morphed into more of a guitar & drums place when the late 60s rock boom hit. I remember buying my first electric guitar and amp there for Christmas '71 (thanks mom!), and there was some guy buying a guitar there for his big debut as the opening act for the James Gang.

God, I'd love to time-capsue back there, and pick up a few dirt-cheap Les Pauls and Stratocasters...

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