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Dayton Memories > Goody Goody restaurant on Salem Ave
Goody Goody restaurant on Salem Ave
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Feb 28, 2015
5:15 PM
I have been reading about the restaurant called Goody Goody, on Salem Ave, where I worked as a carhop back in 1955. I loved working there, and I loved their famous Onion Soup, and delicious burgers with the scrumptous sauce. I was so happy to find the receipe for their delicious Onion Soup. Can't wait to make some. It had a taste you never forget! Don't know why, but I never got a picture of the restaurant, and I would so love to have one, for old times sake. If anyone out there has one, I would be forever grateful if you would e-mail a copy to me. Thanking you in advance......
luv my dayton
879 posts
Feb 28, 2015
6:39 PM
Search History of Goody Goody/Dayton. A lot of things to choose from. Info on owners, when started and think someone said there were pics. I remember years ago hanging out there. While I'm on here do you remember a club out there called Rendezvous where H Bomb Ferguson and his band played? Spent many weekends out there in 60s dancing and drinking 3.2 beer

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