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Carry Out
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Mar 06, 2015
10:25 PM
Does anyone remember a carry out that used to be near the intersection of Smithville & Wilmington? It was a white building with a bench out front that advertised "Blue Bird" pies, directly across the street from Elder Beerman. This would have been in the mid-60s. I "think" the building is still there and is a bar/tavern next door to Cadillac Jacks.
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Mar 07, 2015
4:05 AM
I believe you are talking about the Kettering Karry Out. It sat inbetween the old original Sohio filling station which was on the corner and the Blairs tavern which was on the north side. You used to drive right up to the front of the carryout and go inside where the owner named Roger was always happy to help you. Even had a small deli in there at one time. Back behind the carryout used to be another Bar/Tavern named the Rustic Cabin. All the Kettering cops used to eat their lunches in there. All of that except the Blairs tavern was torn down to make way for the BP gas station that is there now..
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Mar 08, 2015
12:41 AM

Yes, that is the place. No parking lot to speak of...lol.

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