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Street map of Dayton
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Mar 14, 2015
3:18 PM
Does anyone know where I can put my fingers on a street map of Dayton right before the US 35 freeway came through and rearranged neighborhoods? In reading various posts on here and various locations. Mainly in the east end. Its kind of difficult for me to picture since most of the locations have been altered erased by the highway. I've read of where certain streets intersect, then. Then I think about the way they look now. So if I had a street map of then. I could relate a little easier.
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Mar 15, 2015
4:13 PM
FreedomWriter. Thanks for the link. I spent quite some time browsing around the east end and seeing how the streets use to connect. Nothing the way it looks now!
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Mar 15, 2015
4:55 PM
Well your welcome. Hope it may help you in your quest.. Good luck...
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Mar 18, 2015
5:16 PM
What is that link, anyhow??
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Mar 19, 2015
2:29 AM
Susan63. Not sure what happened to it. But here it is historicmapworks.com/Atlas.php?c=US&a=16673&n=Dayton+1956+including+Oakwood+and+Kettering
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Mar 19, 2015
7:36 AM
Mark1984: Did it help you at all. I wasnt sure if it would or not?

Last Edited by FreedomWriter on Mar 19, 2015 7:36 AM
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Mar 19, 2015
3:17 PM
Thank you, I will check it out.
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Mar 19, 2015
3:20 PM
FreedomWriter. Yes it did. Still browsing around. Susan63. You're welcome. Enjoy.
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Mar 20, 2015
2:43 PM
Found the website ok but don't know which pages are Kettering unless I click on each one and zoom in. Trying to figure out what years these maps are from.
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Mar 20, 2015
4:29 PM
The maps are dated 1956. I was looking for a time frame right before US 35 came through. It is kind of monotonous having to click on each one to see what map it was. Took awhile to find the ones I wanted. But it was worth to see streets the way they were before they got rearranged or obliterated.
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Mar 22, 2015
4:44 PM
Thats a good website, and when you get on that site you just type in the area you want or a street your remember from the area and it will show you views from 1956, 2004, and 2009 I believe. The 2 latter ones being in color.
blue J
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Apr 30, 2015
8:49 AM
Wow- these are great resources. Thank you to everybody who contributed the web addresses.

I wasn't born until after US 35 already went through Dayton, but I'm also very familiar with all of the streets and a lot of the businesses that existed downtown during what I'd call Dayton's golden age (the 1950s and '60s)...I really enjoy looking at those old street maps.
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May 01, 2015
4:52 AM
Try this link http://www.historicaerials.com/


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May 06, 2015
2:14 PM
Bummer thing is, no aerial maps of Dayton nor surrounding counties/cities older than 1956, in most cases. Would love to find some from the 1940's and older. The old maps show small squares which I believe could be houses or buildings.
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May 06, 2015
11:22 PM
Susan - I'm not sure if this helps, but if you click on the button for Dayton Images/Videos (on the right side of this page) you can find a downloadable PDF file for "Plat Map of Montgomery County, Ohio 1938" (you can also find it by doing a Site Search for "Plat Book 1938").

The plat book is organized by townships within Montgomery County, and identifies the property owner for each "square" within the township. This would meet your pre-1940 requirement, but does not indicate individual houses or buildings (towns and villages are indicated as shaded areas). It also does not do a very good job of identifying roads, but if you compare it to an old map you can figure it out.
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May 07, 2015
5:25 AM
Sanborn fire insurance maps are available on the internet if you have a library card. These were drawn for fire insurance valuation purposes. Try this link:


These maps show more detail then the Montgomery County plat map. Some of the maps go back to 1887. They were periodically updated. I believe the latest updates for Dayton were done in the 1950's.

Hope this helps.


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