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Old Farms in Kettering
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Mar 22, 2015
8:49 PM
I heard recently that there use to a be a pig farm on what is now Larriwood Drive in Kettering. Does anyone know about this? Thanks
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Mar 23, 2015
7:55 PM
My aunt had a small pig farm on some of the land that they farmed beginning at David Rd & Marshall Rd where the ball field are today. Their farm ran all the way south to where Rahn Rd crosses Marshall. Most of their farm was leased out to lawn care companies for the growing of sod which was being used on the surrounding housing developments at the time. But it was nice to have all that open land to run wild as kids. Their property ran down David Rd to where the road to meijers is currently located... And they had an apple orchhard that we filled up on many many times.

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luv my dayton
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Mar 23, 2015
8:11 PM
Does either of you remember who had all the farmland at the end of Wilmington pike and close to 725. If I recall they either had their own show horses or trained horses as there were equestrian fences. That is now the property where Kohls, krogers and various other places are located. Amazing to think that people built beautiful homes out there to get away from it all and ended up with more commotion and noise than they had planned on. Freedom: Bigger rd has Polen Farms and thankfully the family who owned it donated a portion of the land to the city of Kettering. It is beautiful during the holidays and Christmas day they have activities, free food free of charge. Wasn't the area you mentioned once called Hempstead rd

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Mar 23, 2015
8:26 PM
I know there was / is a family that lived on a farm at the corner of Bigger Rd & 725 on the northeast side that trained show horses. The farmhouse is still their but the horse trainning ring near that intersection is long gone, now taken over and surrounded by a housing developement. The area you mentioned at Wilmington pike and 725 used to be known as whites corner. The land that your talking about was owned by a family with the name of Spitlers. That big pond next to Krogers was built by them as a drainage pond for all that property back then.
luv my dayton
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Mar 24, 2015
5:40 AM
Thanks for the info. I remember years pulling into their drive to turn around and several large dogs ran barking to chase us off. There is a small portion of Whites Corner that runs around backside of the big walgreens to shortcut to 725. Also is where my favorite fruit and vegetable stand is at in the summer months.
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Mar 24, 2015
10:39 AM
Ibelieve the old farm at bigger and alex-bell was owned by Mason Roberts whom was a high ranking G.M.exec.Irember a huge red barn and apple orchards at the north east corner of Dorothy and Wilmington.It ran east for along distance and I think the Gibbons family owned it.
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Mar 24, 2015
2:09 PM
Luv my dayton: Why yes you are right about how David used to be called Hemstead Rd. I meant to write that in my earlier posting but didn't. My wife's family used to have a fruit stand right next to the Shell station before anything was built out that way. Yes the old 2 lane roadway you mentioned was the original Wilmington pike. It was realigned to make the current intersection. Right where the battery's plus place is now was originally a texaco gas station which sat empty for years. The family that sells corn in the summertime used to be on the corner across from that station, long before that car lot was ever there. I couldnt believe that the car lot was ever allowed to be built in the 1st place. I knew it wouldnt last long though.

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Mar 25, 2015
9:04 PM
Luv my Dayton: Was that the farm (I think it was on the southwest corner) with a big red barn set back off the road? If so, I bought a horse from the people there, and kept her there for a couple months. Used ride her down the road a ways to Sugarcreek, which I think now is a part of the metro park system. Anyway, I had that horse for 30 years, moved her with me to Florida, Kansas, Texas! I'm pretty sure I got the best end of that particular deal!
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Mar 26, 2015
9:12 AM
Susan63: No she wasn't a part of that family. Their farm was about halfway between David/Hemstead Rd and Rahn Rd. As far as Ernst school. I think it was Named for their family. They were a big concrete supplier in our area when alot of the homes were built. If you go just due east of those ball fields you'll see a double row of very old trees, that was the driveway for the farm which was at THAT corner.
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Mar 30, 2015
11:51 AM
Wish there were old maps which showed the former farms in Kettering, and not necessary really old ones, but ones until the 1930's and up to the 1950's. I heard that when the were building the Frisch's on Wilmington Pike they found a horse shoe. I am big into metal detecting and wish I knew good places to go where it would be allowed. Tried my own yard with no much luck.
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Apr 20, 2015
7:42 AM
how bout the old state farm at the end of Blackhawk dr.,we would sneak over there and play on the pikt run hill and when some one would come we would all take off running for the fence saying that they where going to shoot us with rock salt

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